Ivonne Reyes defeats Pepe Navarro in court thanks to Albert Rivera’s office / Spain News

Aurelio Manzano




Ivonne Reyes he just won a lawsuit that he had filed Pepe Navarro for some statements that the Venezuelan offered in the magazine “Lecturas”, in which she recounted some episodes of her life with the presenter. And all thanks to Martínez Echevarria & Rivera, the law firm where he works Albert rivera.

2021 has begun with a triumph for the former politician, who since last March, after having abandoned politics and announcing his return to law, joined the law firm that since September has been praying as Martínez Echevarria & Rivera to carry, among other matters, the issues of honor and privacy of famous people.

Ivonne Reyes
Ivonne Reyes – Gtres

According to Navarro, Ivone’s statements represented a violation of her honor and personal and family privacy with illegitimate interference with them. The presenter, who had also sued the publication and the journalist who conducted the interview, asked for compensation of 60,000 euros and a correction in the published medium.

In the judgment of the Court of First Instance Number 38 of Madrid to which ABC has had first access, “the defendants are dismissed and acquitted, and the plaintiff, Pepe Navarro, is sentenced to pay the costs.”

Although the claim may be appealed, it is unlikely to come to fruition. And it is not the first time that Navarro has sued the mother of his son Alexander, by statements made in some media. He has already done it three other times and the result has always been negative.

Alejandro Navarro and Ivonne Reyes
Alejandro Navarro and Ivonne Reyes – Gtres

In the ruling, one of the factual grounds says that “consequently the right to freedom of expression must prevail over the right to personal and family privacy, so there is no violation of said right to family and personal privacy” . ABC contacted Ivone Reyes, who was represented by the lawyer during the trial Pablo Doñate, who did not want to elaborate on statements and only stated: “I have always trusted justice and I am very satisfied with the result.”

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