Everything ready for the return of the CINES: this is the protocol / Argentina News

With rooms that should not exceed 50%, distance between spectators and chinstraps, the protocol that Culture agreed with representatives of the sector was published

The slow normalization of the cinematographic exhibition circuits paralyzed for 10 months by the pandemic And that days ago it began to move in half a dozen Argentine cities, added a national accolade with the publication of a protocol that the Ministry of Culture agreed with business chambers, unions and sectors related to the activity.

Although it clarifies that each jurisdiction must submit its requests to the National Cabinet Headquarters, which will evaluate according to the level of contagion in that district, the text clarifies that the capacity of the rooms should not exceed 50 percent in any case.

In this sense, the presence of groups of up to six people will be accepted, in what is called “recreation bubble”, which must maintain a distance of between 1.5 and two meters with the rest of the spectators, for which a free seat will be left on each side.

Martín Álvarez Morales, Ceo of Cinemark-Hoyts and president of the Argentine Chamber of Multiscreen Exhibitors (CAEM), one of the signatories of the protocol, told the Télam agency that “we are happy and content and jumping on one leg.”

“We were ten meters below the water and now we are three”, exemplified the businessman and representative of a Chamber that according to his own website “represents 34% of the country’s screens, 50% of ticket sales and 47% of billing “.

Groups of up to six people will be accepted

The wheel turns again

With the experience of Cinemark-Hoyts, which last week reopened two complexes in Córdoba, Álvarez Morales contributed that due to the reduction in capacity “surely we will not do well in terms of costs but the wheel has to turn again“.

Regarding the reopening of theaters in the City and Province of Buenos Aires, the executive said that “we are working, but we still do not have a date”, although the month of February appears on the horizon of the realization of that measure.

The protocol reported that the public shall stay with mask on and you can only take it off momentarily to ingest some food or drink.

In addition, each room must have an adequate ventilation system, it will be sanitized before and after each performance, there will be properly demarcated areas to maintain social distance and the doors will be opened ten minutes before the end of the exhibition.

“With what happened in the world, it was shown that the risk of contagion in theaters is moderate to low. When people enter they have empty seats around them. Everyone looks to the same side. It is not allowed to speak, the one who does it He does it with the one next to him. The microdroplets do not expand, as can happen in a bowling alley or in a bar “, highlighted Álvarez Morales.


The protocol informed that the public must remain with masks on

Rooms at risk of disappearing

Manuel García, from Cinetren, distributor of national independent cinemaHe pointed out that “this is a step”: “There is an extra job of summoning the public, something that was always a challenge and that today adds the fact that our audience has turned towards online and home cinema.”

In this sense, he stressed: “The relationship with the exhibitors has been very fluid. We are both very beaten and threatened. There are many cinemas and distributors at risk of disappearing and thus many films that cannot be seen. We know that there will be few spectators in the beginning. We have to go out and convince our audiences and that is a risk we take together. ”

For his part, Rodrigo Irazábal, programmer of the Buenos Aires cinema Lorca commented that “we are very happy because after so much time of waiting and effort, we see the possibility of opening as soon as the City Government is empowered”.

From La Pampa, one of the presidents of the Federation of Exhibitors of the Argentine Republic and owner of the only cinema in Santa Rosa, Walter Geringer, stated that he awaits “with great expectation the cinemas reopening, which constitute one of the safest recreational spaces in times of pandemic and whose protocol includes an entertainment and cultural program, which even avoids the possibility of clandestine events“.

The owner of the cinema Millennium, the only theater in the Pampean capital, which joins two others in General Pico plus an Incaa Space, insisted that “it has been proven that the cinema is one of the safest places in times of a pandemic, as is the theater , because people in general respect the rules, to which is added the implementation of the protocol that includes bubbles, sanitation and social distance “.

Finally, sources from the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (Incaa) consulted by Télam about its emblematic space, the Gaumont located in front of the Plaza del Congreso, reported that the complex with its three rooms “will reopen at the beginning of March, a Once the works in progress were finished that could be resumed as soon as the health context allowed it. ”

Regarding the role of Incaa in the protocol, it was highlighted that the organization “authorized the change of ticket sales systems in view of the protocol and anticipating the opening of the halls.”