Corn bioethanol industries recognize the management of the Province

The Chamber of Corn Bioethanol (Biomaíz) recognized the management carried out by the Government of Córdoba in the decision of the Secretary of Energy of the Nation to update the price of the biofuel made from the grinding of the cereal.

Córdoba is the main province that produces corn bioethanol, the fuel that is mixed with gasoline in the domestic market, and from the industrial chamber the intervention of Governor Juan Schiareti and the Minister of Public Services of the Province, Fabián López, stands out.

The executive director of the Chamber of Corn Bioethanol (Biomaíz), Patrick Adam, considered that the price agreement reached with the national government for biofuels “is a very positive step that allows all the stopped plants to start up again.”

“This price recomposition is very good news that allows us to restart all the stopped or semi-stopped plants, and gives us a space to establish a sustainable and beneficial regulatory framework for all,” said Adam.

For the director of the corn-based bioethanol production companies, “five months of recovery of values ​​that were arbitrarily frozen for more than a year are now opening, and meanwhile discuss the restitution of the price formula” that had been suspended in 2019.


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