CABA accountants ask to suspend recategorization / Argentina News

The Professional Council of Economic Sciences of the City sent an urgent note to the AFIP on the recategorization. The details

He Professional Council of Economic Sciences of the City of Buenos Aires sent a note to AFIP on the occasion of the recategorization of the Monotax, provided in article 20 of RG 4309, whose expiration is on January 20.

The entity that brings together professionals clarifies that this is “an issue that involves a large number of registered professionals as well as the taxpayers advised, who are registered as responsible for this regime.”

What the accountants claim

In the letter, signed by the President of the Council, Dr. Gabriela Russo, and by the secretary, Dr. Julio Rotman, it is requested that “the semi-annual recategorization of January 2021 is suspended, until the new planned scales are approved and their deferral is arranged for a period of no less than (60) days from the date they are published

The note refers to the bill presented days ago in Congress that would introduce a series of changes to the Monotax in order to mitigate the negative impact that the retroactive exclusion that could occur, as a result of the lifting of the tax, will have on those registered. suspension of the ex officio exclusion procedure for systemic controls that is currently in force.

Said project also establishes a new mechanism for updating parameters based on the variation of the minimum amount guaranteed by the National Law of the Integrated Retirement and Pension System, effective as of January 1, 2021.

Accountants demand that the recategorization of Monotax 2021 be suspended.

Why should recategorization be suspended

Taking into account that it is a legislative project, the tables do not receive this update, however the AFIP announced that for the next re-categorization the published ones must be used (updated on 1/1/2020), without considering any update and not knowing the inflation that impacted the universe of taxpayers.

This situation, which would force small taxpayers to have to upgrade and face a higher quota, would directly impact their well-being in a context of a pandemic that continues to have a strong impact on the quality of life and consumption of the population.

Likewise, it is also noted that the recategorization service does not operate correctly, causing that task cannot be performed.

For these reasons, the Board makes a request to the Treasury to review this decision and suspend the recategorization until the new planned scales are approved and provide a deferral for a period of no less than 60 days from its publication.