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Yesterday, while TVE broadcast “The Silence of the Lambs”, the word cannibal was a Trending topic on social networks. But it was not dedicated to Hannibal Lecter but the protagonist of “Call me by your name”, Armie hammer, involved for days in a controversy about his sexual tastes that has ended up sentencing his participation in “Shotgun wedding”, an action film that was going to shoot in the Dominican Republic with Jennifer Lopez.

[Antes de seguir leyendo, les advertimos de la crudeza de algunos testimonios]

It all started with a rumor about his paraphilias that grew virally until the tabloid newspaper “Daily Mail” materialized it on its pages using someone close to his ex-wife as a source. Elizabeth chambers. In the Hollywood lies, supported by some “likes” of the actor to sadomasochistic content, he went further, betting on cannibalism as one of his most intimate fantasies. In alleged captures of Direct Messages from his official Instagram account, conversations appeared that showed an extremely dominant character: «You will live only to obey me and you will be my slave. I will possess you. Will you come to be my property until the end of your days? ». But this private chat, which circulates like many others on different Twitter threads, ends with a much more sordid plea: “What if I wanted to cut off your toe to put it in a pocket and always carry a piece of you with me?”

Hammer and his ex-wife
Hammer and his ex-wife – Gtres

The point is that more and more testimonies have appeared from women who have had a digital correspondence relationship with the actor. And many of them predate his separation, some even took place during the pregnancy of his former wife. To one he confesses “I am 100% cannibal. I want to eat you”. To another: “I want to see your brain, your blood, your organs, every part of you.” But the tone of the conversations goes much further: “I would cut you into pieces and throw them at me” or ‘I have felt like an animal. I would have killed you. It’s all so intense … ». The amount of captures is enormous and some of the conversations are disturbing.

For now, everything remains in accusations of fantasizing about cannibalism as part of a sexual game: there is no complaint for rape or for having carried out any of those sadomasochistic practices so violent and graphic with which he surprised some women who followed him the game. Until now.


It is strange that a “celebrity” uses her own official profile for this type of chat with anonymous women, instead of hiding in one with an avatar and a false name. We all know that phishing is rife on the internet, or even your account could have been ‘hacked’. But some of his conquests claim that this was precisely part of the morbid submission game with actor: her audacity when it comes to assuming her identity or talking about intimate things related to her family. False or true, the controversy is served, never better said: the star published a statement showing his rejection of the accusations but the producer Lionsgate announced his sudden termination last night. The actor, for his part, assured that he abandons the project so as not to leave his two children at the mercy of the scandal during the four months of filming.

Ironically, Armie Hammer made her first major on-screen appearance in “The Social Network” – the same one that can end her career – but the decision to Lucca guadagnino to make him the protagonist of “Call me by your name” made his career take off, although not at the same speed as that of his co-star, Timothée Chalamet. The premiere of “Dreamland”, a thriller by Nicholas jarecki. He is the great-grandson of an oil magnate and the son of a businessman devoted to Christian media in the Cayman Islands. Now he faces the most difficult role of his career or will be forced to swallow his words. And it will not be a dish of good taste.

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