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After 10 months of closure, the sanitary protocol was approved for the reopening of cinemas and movie complexes throughout the country.

With almost ten months of mandatory closure due to pandemic, the Argentine cinemas had good news since this Tuesday the sanitary protocol to be used for the reopening of cinemas and movie complexes throughout the country.

Now, for the sector to return to activity, the National Executive Power must issue the decree. Another alternative is for each province to request an exception to the current prohibition decree, as happened with the theaters, and as happened in some provinces such as Córdoba, Mendoza, Entre Ríos, Jujuy, Chubut and Santiago del Estero, where some cinemas they have already started operating with limited capacity.

The 28-page document that was presented was prepared jointly by the chambers and unions of the sector and the national authorities of health, culture and the Superintendency of Risks of the Ministry of Labor.

Almost 10 months after closing due to the pandemic, the sanitary protocol for cinemas was presented

Social bubbles and social distance

The protocol starts from the recognition that the activity will be with limited capacity. In it, it is indicated that each function “may not exceed 50% of the capacity of each court or what each jurisdictional authority determines.”

“The possibility of increasing this capacity will depend on the epidemiological conditions in which each jurisdiction is found and as determined by the National, Provincial and / or Municipal Health Authority,” he adds.

For each occupied seat, two fixed seats will be left free both on both sides and in the same places in the front and back rows.

The criteria for seat occupancy will also be determined by the calls “recreation social bubbles“, which are those spaces of proximity between people united by some link who go together to the cinema.

These groups “may not exceed six people and will be made up of adjoining seats. The distance between occupied seats must be at least 1.5 meters to 2 meters.”


The use of a chinstrap will be mandatory during the entire function in the room

Use of mandatory chinstrap and room ventilation

Each complex or movie theater is obliged to make a schedule of functions that “minimize the congestion of the public attending the entrance and exit, as well as that it contemplates sufficient periods so that the personnel can carry out the adequate cleaning and disinfection between functions”.

He also advises to open the entrance doors and emergency exits for ten minutes -between functions- to ventilate the rooms, and ensures that they “will be properly sanitized and sanitized before and after each function.”

He use of chinstrap will be mandatory, and viewers will be able to take it off just for food or drink, and then they will have to put it back on.

The doors will remain open between functions for at least 10 minutes. Express criteria are also contemplated to guarantee the correct room ventilation.

Complex employees will be trained to enforce prevention standards and must complete an affidavit of health.