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This week’s issue of the Italian magazine “Chi” has caused a stir around the world by exclusively revealing the romance between the model and Italian television presenter Diletta Leotta (29 years old) and the famous Turkish actor Can Yaman (31), described by the publication as “the new sex symbol of television and social networks.” As stated by “Chi”, both “are very much in love and have spent five days of passion in a large hotel in the center of Rome”, during which “kisses and numerous expressions of affection were exchanged”. A love that had to distance itself last Sunday when Can returned to Turkey and Diletta resumed his work as a sports commentator on the “Dazn” platform attending the match between Inter Milan and Rome (2-2).

Cover of the magazine «Chi»
Cover of the magazine «Chi»

The couple met in the Eternal City, where she works and where he traveled to record a commercial directed by the naturalized Italian Turkish film director and screenwriter, Ferzan Özpetek. During the filming, the interpreter wanted to greet the crowd of admirers who crowded to see him, an act of goodwill that cost him a fine of 400 euros for “not maintaining a safe distance” to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

If you look closely at Can Yaman’s latest Instagram posts (with more than 7.8 million followers), the model appears enjoying your wonderful trip to the Italian capital. One during the recording of the set, another in his hotel room surrounded by all the gifts from his fans and two images withÖzpetek, in which he thanks you for the opportunity to work with him.

For its part, the television company published on its Instagram profile a photo from a hotel room with a huge bouquet of flowers. “After a day of work, finding a bouquet of flowers in the room makes us sleep with a smile,” he writes next to the publication.

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