“Nilo wanted to see me recently to ask my forgiveness” / Spain News

Saul Ortiz




Isabel Gemio is used to being by word of mouth. To be the necessary nutrient for controversies that concern their character or lifestyle. In recent weeks his name has been ringing out again. The interview that she has carried out with María Teresa Campos and that has been broadcast on her YouTube channel, «Charlas con alma», has awakened the ghosts of the past. The slanderers emphasize that he was out of tune in his conversation with the former queen of the mornings, who humiliated her by reminding him that he is eighty years old. That he was macho and retrograde when he exhibited in public the list of conquests that rests in the cyberworld. They throw phrases taken out of context and analyze their gestures and looks as if it were a police recognition wheel.

She, who has always remained standing despite the storms, broke a few days ago when she asked to lower their weapons through their social networks. Isabel denies having wanted to provoke a controversy for her own benefit: «I have peace, a clear conscience and the life I want to have. I don’t need more lights, just to be left alone »he says in conversation with ABC. The presenter, who has a professional career full of recognitions and tributes, does not give credit to the dust raised. It is not the first time that he feels easy prey, he has already played the same game several times although, to date, it has always been in court: «I have always thought and I still think that not everything goes for the audienceLet each one draw their own conclusions ”, he responds with evident resignation.

Despite removing, one by one, the daggers stuck in her back, Isabel has no time for rancor. He doesn’t hate because, over time, he has learned that it is too difficult to live like this. He knows how to ask for forgiveness, but also to forgive. He has done it many more times than he has counted. Although Jorge Javier Vázquez has even said that he does not want to end up like her, Isabel escapes from the blow: «I sleep very well and I am very happy with the life that I have». Like those received by Teresa Campos, who has come to say that she does not want to know anything more about her: «Whoever wants to see the interview will be able to see the truth. This has been mounted by what has been mounted.

Gemio has character. But he knows how to take care of his own. Centered in the Foundation that bears her name and with a life between meditation and caring for her children, she tries to live in peace. Perhaps that is why Nilo Manrique, father of her children and instigator of many of the great accusations that have been leveled against her, has begged for her forgiveness: «He recently wanted to see me to apologize. I told him that if he needed my forgiveness, he had it because I am not spiteful. This is the only thing I hope, that in the end justice will be done », has conviction.

The Cuban prefers to embrace silence now. He does not want to participate in this war despite the fact that, according to his account to this newspaper, he has received offers to attend a television program this Saturday. Worried and concerned with the health of his grandmother, he looks away without wanting to be the oil that greases the machine.

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