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The changes in the terms and conditions of WhatsApp put many users on alert, who decided to go to new platforms

Last week, WhatsApp announced to its users the update of its terms and conditions, which implied that personal data would be sent to Facebook. After the scandal of Cambridge Analytica, The company of Mark Zuckerberg It already had data leakage problems in its history, and this new measure ended up destroying the trust of many of its users.

Due to this, a large number of people around the world stopped using WhatsApp and transferred their daily activity to applications such as Signal and Telegram.

Signal reached 10 million registered users this week

Signal: the new messaging star

The uncertainty caused by WhatsApp led many people to download Signal, one of the best alternatives that exist in courier services. The American application created in 2015 received a wave of downloads this week, to the point of temporarily exceed your ability to send confirmation messages of accounts, and to position itself as one of the most downloaded apps on Apple Store and Google play in various countries.

It is another instant messaging service that offers free chat and calls with or without video. In this case, its code is open, which reinforces privacy and security due to the fact that anyone can access and confirm that it is not programmed to steal information.

In addition to its friendly interface, the application stands out for use end-to-end encryption. In other words, the recipient and the sender are the unique who can read the message. Although WhatsApp also uses this technology, Signal also protects conversations from third parties, as well as from the service itself.

An extra point is that the platform can be configured in such a way that screenshots cannot be taken, and a password can be placed on confidential conversations. Signal can be downloaded both in its versions for iOS, Android and desktop, being used in the latter way for example from its extension of Google Chrome.

Since its founding, its popularity increased when in 2015 the former analyst of the CIA Edward Snowden claimed to use Signal every day; in 2016 when the campaign team of Hillary clinton will exclusively use Signal after an email leak by WikiLeaks; and recently when after the last WhatsApp update, the businessman Elon musk – at war with Zuckerberg for many years – advised in Twitter his followers to use Signal.

Telegram does not stop growing

An alternative that has more followers than Signal is Telegram, which has registered more than 25 million users in the last three days, adding up to a total of 500 million people who use the platform. These are small compared to 1.6 billion of active users that WhatsApp has, but giants next to the 10 million that Signal records until today.

Telegram is an alternative to download as a messaging service, after the exodus of WhatsApp users due to changes in their data privacy policies

Telegram is an alternative to download as a messaging service, after the exodus of WhatsApp users due to changes in their data privacy policies

Regarding the access From platforms to device sections, such as permission to use the camera or save received files, the three applications ask for similar permissions, differing in that WhatsApp asks for the verification of the account by SMS and Signal adds an access permission to the calendar to share events with other contacts. Facebook’s instant messaging service is the only one that forces the user to give up access to contacts, since conversations cannot be started otherwise.

All three apps offer the conversation protection under some kind of code, and has feature end-to-end encryption. Telegram offers in this sense an overcoming proposal and allows you to send messages that then self-delete after a decided time.

“People no longer exchange their privacy for free services. They no longer want to be taken hostage by technological monopolies,” Telegram founder Pavel Dúrov, of Russia, said about the security of his application.

Regarding the metadata Obtained from the messages, WhatsApp gathers the IP addresses, dates of use, network operator, telephone number, location and contacts. For its part, all the information and encryption of Telegram are stored in the cloud and are kept for one year. Signal only saves the last connection and phone number of the account.

Telegram, founded in 2013, also has the differential of offering “channels”, which are alternative ways to spread messages to unlimited numbers of contacts.