From hairdressing to computer science: dozens of free courses to do from your cell phone or PC

A totally atypical summer can be the ideal context to learn new skills.

There, the offer of asynchronous digital courses becomes attractive, that is, training available on the web that can be done from the computer or cell phone, at the pace that each person chooses.

The pandemic accelerated the digitization of education and continues to multiply the online offer of alternatives, including free ones. Here are some of the available ones:

70 proposals at the UNC

The digital offer developed by the National University of Córdoba from its Virtual Campus stands out, a platform that offers free audiovisual courses (they also include reading materials and consultation forums) with a very diverse profile.

“At this moment we have about 220 thousand students studying”, reveal from the Campus. And there are 142,000 certificates awarded to those who completed training.

The offer available today totals 70 free courses, with a very diverse profile.

Those most in demand allow you to learn trades and skills with labor application such as hairdressing, clothing preparation and repair, construction of solar water heaters, dry construction, tourist services or basic automotive mechanics, among others.

There are also alternatives associated with technology, such as a series of courses to acquire use of Drive tools (Spreadsheet in Drive) or introduction to computing.

And others with a more recreational profile, such as ukulele classes, garden percussion or introduction to photography.

In addition, a package of 15 courses closely associated with the situation is offered, on Covi-19 prevention protocols in numerous activities.

Although each student sets a rhythm according to their dedication, the estimated duration of the courses is between 15 and 60 hours.

They include self-assessments and a certificate of completion that can be downloaded or shared on social media. To do so, only an active email is required that enables registration on the platform.

At the UNC Campus they are preparing to resume content production in February, when they plan to record at least 15 new trainings.

Coursera, free and paid

This online education platform, which claims to be the “largest in the world”, has been increasing its offer in Argentina since 2020. In a pandemic, it achieved a year-on-year growth of 143 percent and reached 900,000 students.

Based on agreements with 170 prestigious universities (in the country with the Austral and Palermo universities), Coursera puts online a large offer of postgraduate and master’s degrees at much lower rates than the face-to-face ones (20 thousand dollars against 80 thousand, on average ).

At the same time, it offers thousands of short courses with a very diverse profile, many of them with a free alternative: the complete materials are accessible without payment, but. If you want to obtain the certification, you must pay. The rates are very diverse and start at $ 29.

“There are more than 4,200 courses in English and about 500 in Spanish available,” they explain from the platform.

Under the modality, there are proposals in Spanish and English that allow developing skills of all kinds and acquiring knowledge of all kinds of disciplines (finance, computer science, education, etc.).

Another important quota of courses aims at personal development, with a focus on coaching, wellness, psychology and others.

Prepare for the 10 most demanded jobs

Another interesting proposal is the one that Microsoft enabled from the training platform of the professional network LinkedIn, of which it owns.

As the largest global job search monitor, LinkedIn ranked the top 10 jobs in demand in 2020 and analyzed the skills needed to qualify for them.

Then, it opened to the public for free and until March 31, 2021 10 digital courses to train in these skills.

Developer of software, expert in digital marketing, graphic designer, financial analyst and data analyst are some of the courses available on a range of materials that includes videos, readings and consultation opportunities.

Here you can access the 10 free proposals. You only need to open a free account on LinkedIn.


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