Econovo aims to build the first electric truck in Argentina

At the beginning of 2003, the Econovo company was born in the interior of Córdoba, which at that time was dedicated to the production of urban hygiene equipment. With a high-tech garbage collector, he gradually established himself in the local market. Today the company also covers other sectors, as it does with its agricultural line.

More than 15 years later and with a pandemic in between, Econovo prepares the first electric truck made entirely in Argentina.

It is a team of garbage collection and street washers with an autonomous duration of eight hours and that will be part of its sustainable line. “In two months, we will have the first 100 percent Argentine electric truck. It will be a unique product, and we develop it for garbage collection, mainly, but it can be used for any other service, such as transporting merchandise, for example ”, says Oscar Scorza, founder of the company.

Technological innovation was always in the line of action of the firm, and this was reflected in the production level of 2020 which, according to Scorza, was higher than the numbers left by 2019. “In March it seemed that a bad year was coming , but we were able to stabilize it and meet the goals we had, “he says.

In addition, Econovo’s flagship product was the spray truck that it fully developed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The pandemic caught us in the United States, we had gone to look for new technology and accessories to develop this equipment, which was very successful. We are the only manufacturers in the country of this type of product ”, explains Scorza about the disinfection trucks using dengue, chikungunya, zica and Covid-19 microdroplets.

New Horizons

2020 was a very good year for Econovo, as it also increased its exports compared to 2019. The Cordoba company sends machinery to Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, and with its new spray truck it plans to conquer new markets in Mexico, where it already has bases, and in Central America. “They are small countries, but they are big consumers, since we don’t have great competition there,” says Scorza. “In addition, we continue to incorporate marketing and logistics to continue growing in Mexico, to be able to complement our teams there ”, he continues.

But its market does not remain in the American continent. In mid-2019, the company signed a manufacturing agreement in India, to manufacture its machinery in that country and from there supply countries in North Africa. “It is a project that is moving slowly, because we are readjusting our products to supply countries that would be impossible to reach from Argentina,” says Scorza.

Looking ahead to 2021

In addition to the launch of the electric truck, Econovo is developing the start-up of a recycling plant under the name “Econovo, circular economy”. It is a project that seeks the revaluation of materials and waste, and the generation of renewable energy.

Another novelty is the marketing agreement that it closed with the Escorts Group of India, for the distribution and manufacture of Escorts road machines and Farmtrac tractors in Argentina. It should be noted that during 2020 the company achieved an important flow in the sale of tractors, a product that it is now seeking to nationalize.

“We are presenting in the Nation a low-power tractor, with up to 100 horsepower, to supply the regional economies. We believe that it is a very good opportunity, since we would bring the kit from India and we would assemble it in Argentina ”, Scorza emphasizes.


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