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The woman decided to leave a paper in which she informed her boss that she was not going to work again and her decision generated reactions on social networks

A woman from the United States, an employee of the Target supermarket chain, decided to quit her job in a particular way: she left her boss a short note telling her that she would “not return” to her position and He added a postscript in which he lodged a complaint against his employer, for the way he had treated her.

The particular resignation notice was released by the former employee of the supermarket chain, who at the beginning of the month uploaded the image of her note to the social network Reddit, where her behavior was praised by some users, and questioned by others.

On the obituary you could read the woman’s words, handwritten, saying: “Hey, Jordan! I just wanted to tell you that I’m not going to work again tomorrow, or next week. Thank you dear!”

According to this user, who did not give her name, The note was left on the desk of this Jordan, when she finished what would be her last working day at the end of December last year.

But the message did not end at that point, rather it had a postscript with a direct complaint. “I’ll never understand why you were always so rude to me“, said the woman, ending the last line with a smiley face.

As always happens with this type of post, Reddit users could not avoid expressing their opinion on the same social network, some in favor of the resignation’s decision and others, criticizing it.

“The best decision you could have made,” wrote one user. “I can’t stop laughing at how polite your note is. Good for you!“said another.” I love this, “” Good job, “added more commentators on the popular post, which so far has about 1,300 positive votes.

Other users said that it was not good to “burn bridges” in that way when leaving a job, and that not complying with the rule of giving notice two weeks before ends up hurting co-workers, more than the boss himself.

“It would bother me quite a bit at my current job (which is not at Target) if I find out at the last second that I have to take on someone else’s workload that way“said one of the commenters.

“Everyone can laugh and rejoice about quitting a job,” wrote another follower, “but believe me, once you get out of retail and go into a more professional career, you’ll see what we’re saying about ‘burning bridges’ and how there is to quit a job. “


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