Fedecom survey: illegal sales rose 20% in Córdoba and business closings grew 10%


The Commercial Federation of Córdoba (Fedecom), through its attached Chambers and Shopping Centers, warned this Tuesday that illegal sales increased 20 percent year-on-year and the number of businesses that closed in the province grew 10 percent.

“Illegal sale is a recurring phenomenon that affects formal trade and that is enhanced in times of economic depression, materializing with greater intensity at times of Christmas parties and festivals,” said the agency.

“Electronic marketing, favored by the massive use of social networks, has led to the development of illegal trade in an exponential manner even in small towns in the province of Córdoba,” he warned.

As noted, illicit marketing increased 20 percent in December compared to the same month in 2019.

Closing of premises

On the other hand, Fedecom pointed out that, “without it being directly attributed to the phenomenon of informal sales -although it adds- and it can be attributed to the prevailing macroeconomic crisis that was aggravated by the health context derived from the coronavirus pandemic, 10 percent of the province’s commercial premises closed their doors (physical stores) in the last semester “.

This is clear from another survey carried out by the federated entity, according to which it was determined that the highest incidence of cessation occurred in travel agencies, excursions, walks and crossings; accommodations (hotels, inns, lodgings); bars and restaurants; jewelery, watches and bijouterie; and party and recreation rooms.

With medium intensity it reached aesthetic centers; footwear and leather goods sales premises; dress; household appliances and electronic items; and bazaar and gifts.

Meanwhile, the incidence was lower in sporting goods and recreation stores; toy store and bookstore; perfumery; and furniture and decoration.

In Capital

In the city of Córdoba, the incidence is 10 percent, although if the focus is on the downtown area, the effect increases to 18 percent.

“The illegal sale mainly assumes the form of commercialization via social networks and in private homes, the main items affected being gastronomy, the sale of clothing, toys and electronic items,” he said.

“On the contrary,” said Fedecom, “the General Revenue Directorate of the province (…) continues to carry out audits aimed only at formal trade, based on a press release from the Argentine Confederation of Medium-sized Companies (Came) corresponding to April 2019, in which it is ‘estimated’ that on average, the cash sales operations of the retail businesses throughout the country are at least 35 percent of the total of those carried out. “

The Federation asked the Province “to annul the procedures”, although this week “new ones were made in businesses in the city of Villa María and Alta Gracia, thus adding to those already executed in Marcos Juárez, where He asked the notified merchants to “justify” the scope of that percentage (35 percent) in terms of the means of payment, with the deadline for this being December 24.


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