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«Crazy night in Portofino, Lapo ElkannHe falls again: he is arrested for racing and cocaine ». This is the title that the newspaper “Il Fatto Quotidiano” has launched on the front page and which alerted the Italian press to the latest scandal of the most wayward and popular member of the Agnelli family. The ruddy businessman, 43, grandson of Gianni agnelli and brother of the current president of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group, John elkann, lived another crazy summer night that ended with the opening of a criminal investigation and whose details are coming to light this week. At one in the morning on September 12, his red Ferrari sped between the towns of Santa Margarita and Portofino, a famous municipality on the Italian Riviera, southeast of Genoa. Elkann, who must have confused the promenade with a Formula 1 circuit, was stopped, fined and beaten by the police.

A couple of hours later, 10 kilometers away, a second patrol ran into the center of Rapallo, another municipality in the Genoa province, with a couple of men who, due to their stealth attitude, raised their suspicions. One of them fled, while the other was brazenly trying to get rid of something, hurrying into his car. The agents recovered a bag of cocaine thrown on the ground and they managed to block the individual, whom they identified as Lapo Elkann.

An unbridled playboy

The businessman was on vacation at the exclusive Hotel Splendido in Portofino, where hours before he had been interviewed by several journalists and television stations to promote a widely publicized book, “W l’Italia insieme a Lapo” (Long live Italy with Lapo) , in which the heir to the Fiat takes a tour of the country.

The Genoa Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation and Elkann has entered the register of suspects for possession of drugs for trafficking purposes. What he had is a small amount, between 3 and 4 grams of cocaine, but he has been charged for being in the company of a friend. According to the newspaper “Il Fatto”, the prosecutor Silvia Saracino has requested the file of the case, convinced that that cocaine was for his personal use, given the personal story of Lapo Elkann, an unbridled playboy. If the judge accepts this interpretation, Elkann would only have to appear before the SERT (the Public Service for Drug Addiction) as a drug addict.

The protagonist of his own kidnapping

Despite his promises of rehabilitation, it is not too surprising that the grandson of the famous avvocato Agnelli has once again fallen into his well-known life of excess, with two scandals, above all, that are still remembered. On October 11, 2005, he was admitted almost dying to a hospital in Turin due to an overdose caused by a mixture of opium, heroin and cocaine. His life was saved by Patrizia, one of the transvestites with whom he had spent the evening. In 2016, in New York, he starred in his own kidnapping, with the aim of obtaining 10,000 euros from the family, as he had run out of money after spending two days partying and lots of cocaine with a transsexual woman in a Manhattan hotel.

Taking into account the excesses and dependencies of Lapo Elkan, there is no surprise at the episode that is now being revealed. But it has attracted attention that a few months after Lapo himself announced with great fanfare that he had given a certain turn to his life after the grave car accident he suffered in Israel, in December 2019. Elkann, who was in a coma, suffered fractures as well as a lung injury and underwent various surgeries. From Israel he was transferred to a hospital in Switzerland, where he recovered. And from there he came out with a promise: to dedicate his life to social works and good causes. He even created the Laps Foundation (Free Experimental Projects Academy), to help children with dyslexia and those who suffered abuse. «I want to dedicate my time, my heart and financial resources -he explained- to do good by taking care of my NGO, which is not the whim of a flawed child ”.

In this new path that he had undertaken, his relationship with Joana lemos, ex-Portuguese pilot, five years older than him. Joana has published a photograph of her on her Instagram profile with this message: “I love you, I am proud of you”. Lapo Elkann has returned to his old ways, but the girlfriend forgives him. It is seen that love can do everything

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