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Workers at the Sandringham country house, located in Norfolk County, have frowned upon the order to quarantine for four weeks before the Queen isabel II and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, could spend Christmas there safely, without risk from the coronavirus.

Many of the wage earners started a “Christmas riot” that has ended with the resignation of Patricia Earl, 56. The woman who had been working as a housekeeper for the Monarch for more than 30 years has decided abandon ship suddenly. Earl, who received the Royal Victorian Order for his long service, is said to have been embarrassed by the behavior of his peers, but nothing has been confirmed.

What is clear is that this revolt changed the Christmas plans of Queen Elizabeth II. Finally, the Monarch will not spend Christmas at the Sandringham estate with the whole family, as she does every year, but will remain at Windsor Castle. Of course, it is known that the Monarch is furious with the workers of her country house for refusing to quarantine. Both Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are risk groups due to their age.

They will be very different parties for the Queen, used to being in family. This year she will only enjoy the company of her husband and will not be able to see her grandchildren or great-grandchildren.

This morning it was known that the Monarch and her husband will get the coronavirus vaccine in a couple of weeks, following the schedule proposed by the British Government. They will not have preferential treatment, but their vaccination would have, according to experts quoted by “The Mail on Sunday”, an important effect on society to combat the disinformation campaigns propagated by the anti-vaccine movement, which has a notable following.

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