A global dream that travels inside every pool


As a young man, when studying International Relations, Mauro Piccini dreamed of working in a global company. What did not occur to him is that he could fulfill his dream with his father Eduardo’s swimming pool factory.

For this reason, he worked so that Indusplast was not only the main producer of fiberglass pools in the country. This year, it consolidated the Chilean market, added operations in Uruguay and launched a test to place a new line of mini-pools in England.

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– How did Indusplast start?

–It was founded by my father, Eduardo, in 1982. We ventured into different products using fiberglass until we specialized in swimming pools. As a young man, he studied International Relations at the Catholic University of Córdoba (UCC); at the time, he dreamed of working in an international company.

“Somehow, you started to fulfill your dream.”

-Yes. In 2013 my father passed away unexpectedly and so I began to have a more active role. Today we are the main manufacturer of fiberglass pools in the country; We sell 700 to 800 units per month through a franchise network in 19 provinces, which distributes the Indusplast and Vitro brands. In addition, we started to export.

– How did you start to internationalize?

– It started last year with Chile, where we currently have six distributors who, until October, sold 200 pools. This year the Uruguayan market began to open, where more than 50 units were shipped. But the biggest challenge will be this month, with the start of shipments to England.

– It is difficult to imagine an export of swimming pools to England.

–It is another line, Lagune, mini-pools 2.7 meters by 4.7 meters for the segment of the population that leaves the houses in the countries to live in a smaller house. This product allows you to continue to have a pool. The first test shipment is two 18-unit containers, but the idea is to stabilize at one container per month. For this project, 500 thousand dollars were invested in machinery imported from China.

–What objective do you have in terms of export?

–The plan is to get it to contribute between 10 and 15 percent of sales.

–And how do they manage to be competitive?

– We must bear in mind that Argentina is a devalued country. But the exchange rate is not enough for competitiveness. That is why we partner with the Chinese company Jushi Group, which due to its manufacturing volume is located in the top five of world producers of raw materials. In fact, we were appointed as official fiberglass distributors, for now, only for the country.

-In the domestic market they had a good year, I suppose.

“It started out very well.” In mid-2019, sales were down 50 percent and the rate hike had found us in debt. In the second half of this year, we had double the staff, 140 employees and delivery times of up to 60 days due to the high demand. But in recent weeks everything got complicated.

-What happened?

– The supply of raw materials is very difficult. As the demand has practically doubled, there are very big complications to get pumps and filters. Usually, the low season is used to make stock and the problem is that in the winter the sector could not work due to the pandemic. You have to rethink many things about management, above all, how to gain waistline in commercial and operational matters.

– What plans do you have for 2021?

– The most important thing is to plan the investments well, to make them in the most intelligent way possible. We have a very important program to add automation. Last week we inaugurated the third plant, which manufactures athermic tiles, with the virtual presence of Governor Juan Schiaretti. This plant will be key next year.


–The plan is to increase exports between 20 and 25 percent in units compared to this year and one of the products that will be incorporated are athermic tiles.

–With three floors do you cover these plans?

-Not at all. For this reason, in January we began to build the fourth plant with new offices, for the production of the Lagune line, which needs an improvement in the layout and greater temperature control. The idea is that it is ready in May of next year. In addition to England, try to reach as many new countries as possible. Somehow, I am beginning to fulfill my dream.

One foot on the ground

And another in the water

Name. Nicolas Piccini (39)

Position. General Manager.

Company. Indusplast and Piccini Boats (shipyard).

Married to. Jimena.

Sons. Sabina (5) and Isela (2).

2020 was. “Rare”.

2021 will be. “The new normal will continue to bring us surprises.”

Projects 2021. Increase exports from 20% to 25% in units and put the fourth plant into operation next May.

A model. “I admire the analytical capacity of Nicolás Machiavelli.”

A book. The Prince, by Nicolás Machiavelli.

A dream. “As a young man, I always wanted to work in an international company. I am beginning to fulfill that dream with my company ”.


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