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The contagions of Covid-19 in Buenos Aires were in decline, but now there are concerns about the consequences of the huge mobilization to bid farewell to the idol

Argentina accumulates almost 1.4 million cases of Covid-19 and the rate of infections seemed to indicate that the peak had been exceeded. However, the crowded farewell to Diego Maradona held this Thursday at the Casa Rosada lights up warning lights.

For months the Government has been urging the population to use masks and alcohol gel, respect social distance and avoid crowds. But in the massive wake of Diego Maradona, none of that was fulfilled.

The fact is that Argentina, which is the ninth country with the most COVID-19 cases in the world, and the second in Latin America after Brazil, is facing a crossroads.

Maradona’s massive funeral worries many. What could the consequences be? An infectologist explains the possible scenarios.

We can accept the death of an idol, of a great, but another thing is to encourage this type of exposure“said the infectologist Ricardo Teijeiro, from the Argentine Society of Infectology, to Sputnik.

Maradona passed away on Wednesday, November 25, from cardiac arrest. The Government decreed three days of national mourning, the family asked to hold a one-day wake. The most conservative estimates of congruence to the event predicted the arrival of more than a million people. The Argentine Ministry of Health asked those who went to respect “all prevention measures and health protocols.” “For Diego, for you, for everyone. Let’s continue taking care of ourselves,” he asked on Twitter.

Goodbye to Maradona, “a health contradiction”

It is a contradiction to be asking people to circulate with a chinstrap, to clean themselves permanently and to be detached, with this type of conglomerate“Teijeiro said.

The enormity of people who have gathered outside the Casa Rosada, where they watched him, the buses full of people that do not stop arriving from all over the country, and the clashes with the repressive forces.

“The evidence proves it: we are seeing images of social behavior that is very far from what can be prevention. (…) If there were people who are transmitting the virus, surely different outbreaks will be able to occur. Let’s hope that don’t mean a big outbreak, “Teijeiro said.

In turn, the infectologist recalled that the agglomeration is occurring in the open air, with a climate that ranges between 27 and 30 degrees, a temperature that does not favor the development of the virus. Teijeiro warned that it will be necessary to wait a few days to know the real impact of the agglomeration.

Political tension due to incidents and police repression

The Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” De Pedro, demanded this Thursday the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, what “stop” the police repression against the fans who were waiting in the vicinity of Plaza de Mayo to bid farewell to Diego Armando Maradona.

The national official made this proposal to Rodríguez Larreta and to the Deputy Head of Government, Diego Santilli, in charge of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Security, after the incidents that occurred in the vicinity of Plaza de Mayo and Avenida 9 de Julio

We demand that Rodríguez Larreta and Santilli stop this madness being carried out by the City Police. This popular tribute cannot end in repression and bullfights to those who come to fire Maradona, “De Pedro said on Twitter.

Maradona’s coffin was removed from the central hall of the Casa Rosada, where the wake was held, before the entrance of fans eager to say goodbye in the last hours of the ceremony.

The entrance of fans in the place motivated that the security personnel of the Government headquarters took the remains of Maradona to the Hall of the Native Peoples, located about 30 meters away, where it was kept under lock and key with the family, safe overflows.

At 4.30 pm, the situation in Government House was normal.

Lack of control: protesters broke into the Casa Rosada.

Lack of control: protesters broke into the Casa Rosada.

Diego Armando Maradona’s coffin was removed at 5:44 p.m. from Casa Rosada, towards its final dwelling in a cemetery in the Buenos Aires town of Bella Vista.

After the overflow of people in the Government House, the coffin was removed to the Hall of the Original Peoples, where an intimate ceremony continued in which his ex-wife Claudia Villafañe, his daughters Dalma and Gianinna and relatives participated.

At 5:44 p.m. the coffin was removed by the esplanade that overlooks Rivadavia street, where a hearse was waiting.

Cristina fired Maradona at the Casa Rosada

With excitement, the vice president Cristina Kirchner He fired Diego Armando Maradona this Thursday at the Casa Rosada, where a massive wake was held.

The head of the Senate entered the government headquarters after 2:30 p.m., in the midst of intense incidents that were registered in the surroundings of Balcarce 50.

Just when the City Police tried to lower the tension in the streets, Cristina Kirchner arrived at La Rosada, where she expressed her condolences to the soccer star’s family.

A session in the Senate was scheduled for this afternoon, but the agenda was suspended and only a tribute was made to Ten, so the vice president moved from Congress to the Casa Rosada.

The vice president had a dialogue with Maradona.

The vice president had a dialogue with Maradona.

The former president, who had a close relationship with Maradona and had greeted him by phone on October 30 on his 60th birthday, placed a rosary on the coffin.

In the same place, ten years ago, former president Néstor Kirchner was veiled, when Cristina was president.

After firing the idol, the former head of state withdrew to the office of the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” De Pedro, one of her closest leaders.


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