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This was arguably the most contested period of Donald Trump’s tenure: the separation of the children of illegal migrants from their parents. In the face of the outcry provoked by this so-called “zero tolerance” policy, Donald Trump put an end during the summer of 2018 to these deliberate measures, cynically intended to terrorize migrants and to dissuade them from crossing the US-Mexico border. But even today, the US administration and aid agencies have been unable to locate the parents of 545 children, the New York Times, Wednesday October 21. Sixty of those children were under the age of five at the time, according to court documents seen by the New York daily.

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In the summer of 2018, when the scandal broke, the government estimated the number of minors separated from their parents at 2,800. These were mostly in detention centers and the families could be reunited within a reasonable time. What we did not know until later was that this migration policy had started in 2017 with a pilot experiment carried out between June and November in the El Paso region, which led to the separation of 1,556 additional children. , 200 of which were less than five years old at the time. The trouble was that the parents were mostly deported to their countries of origin, to Central America or Mexico, before public opinion and associations were stirred. Without their children, sometimes without giving an address, since they often fled poverty, racketeering, rapes carried out by mafias and gangs. Messages broadcast on local radios south of the Rio Grande and in Central American countries were not sufficient to locate the parents of the minors in question, while the search was particularly complicated by the travel restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden picked up on the new revelations in the home stretch of the campaign. “This administration has snatched babies from their mothers’ arms, and it appears that these parents were in many cases deported without their children and have not been found. It is a scandal, a moral failure and a stain on our national values ​​”Jode Biden said in a statement. His wife Jill said if her husband was elected there would be no more child separations.

Declining illegal immigration due to climate of terror

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