Cyber ​​Monday arrives with a “boom” of Cordoba brands: who will participate and what will they offer

In tune with the advancement of electronic commerce, Cyber ​​Monday, the latest event of massive promotions organized by the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce, arrives with new records.

It will be on November 2, 3 and 4 and the number of brands registered to participate (the process closed on October 12) reaches 824, almost 16 percent more than in the Hot Sale, the previous promotion, which had already marked an unprecedented growth peak compared to the previous ones.

This jump is largely explained by the incorporation of 179 newcomer brands in the system, a phenomenon associated with the acceleration of the e-commerce that produced the pandemic.

“We noticed a lot of presence of new, medium and small brands, who chose to join in with the levels of I sponsor more accessible. That speaks of a lot of new entry to the e-commerce”, Stated Gustavo Gustavo Sambucetti, director of Cace.

The same trend is registered in Córdoba, where, according to data from the Córdoba Commercial Federation (Fedecom), more than 50 percent of the businesses developed some version of sale on-line since March.

Cordoba presence

The Cordovan participants of Cyber ​​Monday star in a true “boom”: In this promotion they reach 56 (at the end is the complete list), 47 percent more than the 38 that joined the Hot Sale, a figure that already implied a 35 percent jump compared to that event in 2019.

Another piece of information that speaks of the Cordoba advance is that the brands based in the province are equivalent to 62 percent of the total number of participants from the interior of the country (based outside of Buenos Aires): there are 56 out of a universe of 161.

The numbers suggest some rebound in the chronic gap between supply and demand of e-commerce accused by the province (it contributed 12.5 percent of the country’s consumption and 7.5 percent of the national digital supply).

Winning items

The items that registered the greatest growth in supply, according to Cace, are food, home, clothing (almost 200 brands participate) and cosmetics and pharmacy, the latter in everything associated with personal care rather than makeup or drugs.

The advance of “food” confirms the acceleration of growth that this category has been registering in the framework of the quarantine and in the way in which it is gradually installed as a regular shopping habit among consumers.

It is worth noting that, in previous promotions, the purchase of stockeo Non-perishable foods or products like diapers topped the charts.

Sambucetti praised the participation in the imminent promotion of supermarkets and digital stores of industries that began to sell directly to the public (Arcor, Pritty, Nestlé, etc.) in the quarantine.

Among the novelties is the growth of “healthy stores” or diet, a category that is booming.

“Another novelty is the greater participation of brands in the auto and spare parts sector,” said Sambucetti. For example, Citroën participates directly and through an official dealer, in addition to other dealers.

Clothing, on the other hand, will have the chance to liquidate remnants of stock of winter and the first attractive discounts of the summer proposals 2020/2021 are offered.

Are trips coming back?

Cyber ​​Monday anticipates a better performance for the travel category, a category that until before the Covid-19 phenomenon provided the highest turnover in these events, but that the pandemic “collapsed”.

“The Hot Sale found the sector at its worst. Now there is a better context: there is the stimulus of the official Previaje program, the system has already been institutionalized flex, which allows you to reschedule travel dates at no cost, and there is a little less uncertainty due to the fact that the return of domestic flights was arranged, a certain operation of international flights and the opening of some international destinations, with similar trials in domestic ones ”, the president of Cace.

More than price, opportunity

A great traditional attraction of this kind of promotions are discounts, but, although they do not lose centrality, part of that is changing, due to various factors.

Among them are the current price uncertainty associated with the rise in the dollar and the gap between exchange rates; also the fact that brands have been working intensively on discounts and promotions since March, thus trying to navigate the adverse and so atypical economic context.

“Due to the great commercial dynamics with which companies come, all the focus is not on prices, but rather on opportunities. For its part, the consumer is increasingly skilled at detecting and taking advantage of them. In addition, he developed habits such as shopping for comfort ”, synthesized Sambucetti.

In any case, to ensure discounts, Cace monitored on Monday the 19 base prices of the participating firms, and during the promotion it will inspect that they do not go up and register a 10 percent sales floor.

The average of discounts in the last ephemeris was 25 percent. A high role for the “interest-free fee” is also expected, based mainly on the official programs under the Now umbrella (3, 6, 12 and 18 fees).

Cordovan participants

The brands from Cordoba noted are Pato Pampa, Ama Hogar, Merlino, Líder Farmacias y Perfumerías, Pritty Limón, Grido, Ferniplast, Batistella, Cachavacha Toy Shops, El Sótano hardware store, Fiorani Free Shop, RED Pharmacies, Creando Juntos, Arcor en Casa, Swatch, Zárate Materiales, Pluto’s,, Pons tires, Rossetti Deportes, Venex, Tienda Virtual, Bergallo and Pastrone, TodoMaq SRL and Tecnored.

Also VCA Toyota and Chery Spare Parts, Idea Hogar, Farmacias General Paz, Libero Store, Dunlop Sports, Orange Store, Orange Travel, Casa Chula, Naranja, Cuquis’s, Carthago, Benruson, El Balcón, Héctor Codini SA, Super Mami, Hyper Libertad, Espacity, Grinnibe, Bialcohol, Casalta, Paseo Libertad Online, Lezamapc, Tejano, Universidad Blas Pascal, Agro-Made, Rexer, GA Store, Author Stores, Newsport, Jean Pierre and Natalia Hogar.


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