Commercial premises: slight increase in late payment of rent


At the beginning of October, 24.4 percent of merchants in the province did not pay the rent for the premises and 8.1 percent made a partial payment, which they complete before the end of the month. Therefore, 32.5 percent of the businesses had some difficulty in meeting the owners.

The data comes from the monthly survey carried out by the Professional Association of Realtors (CPI) among 252 professionals from 45 cities and towns in the province.

But compared to the September indices, the percentage of merchants with some level of delinquency increased by almost two points, because between the two inconveniences they totaled 30.4 percent last month.

55.3 percent argue that it is the result of the drop in sales, due to the impact of the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus, while 43.2 percent say they will pay before the end of the month.

After the number of merchants who did not pay reached a peak of 44.2 percent in May, that percentage dropped to 22.9 percent in June and began to rise gradually from that month until reaching 24.3 in October. percent.

Also in May, the number of unoccupied premises registered a peak of 18.2 percent, a figure that fell to 13.2 percent and as of that month rose to 15.4 percent in October.


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