Fertec aims to be a global brand and opens subsidiaries abroad


Designing a long-term business plan and being able to comply with it in Argentina is a merit for companies. And that achievement is further enhanced when the venture starts from scratch and sets goals that are achieved over time.

This is what happened in the last 15 years to Fertec, the fertilizer factory for agricultural production created by Lisandro Tron in 2005, which already has its expansion plan underway for the next decade.

The first milestone that Marcos Juárez’s company wants to place until 2025 is to carry out the brand’s internationalization plan.

“We aspire to place it in the top five of the world “, advances its owner, who emphasizes that the expansion is based on a technological development that has a global scale.


In the first 10 years of life, based on an innovation proposal, the agricultural machinery factory managed to impose a new concept in the application of fertilizers.

“We incorporated characteristics that represented a before and after within the field, such as the use of a system of belts for fertilization, the possibility of making variable doses according to the needs of the soil and with large-capacity equipment, which there was not. They were milestones that us they quickly positioned themselves in the market, “says the businessman.

From the growth of national agricultural production, the interest in fertilizers to incorporate nutrients into the soil and obtain better yields began to be part of the investments of agricultural producers.

“It was not a highly demanded product. What we have achieved in the last 10 years is that the demand doubled and that the producer was also willing to double the value to pay for a fertilizer, due to the impact that incorporation has on their businesses. of a team with cutting edge technology, “said Tron.

In the last five years, the position assumed by the company was aimed at leading the national market. “We managed to meet that goal and today we not only have a company that is a leader in the national market, with almost 40 percent of participation, but there is also a perception of the client that adopted our value, innovation and sustainability proposal,” he acknowledges businessman.

To the world

From the point of view of supply, the world fertilizer market is highly fragmented, but there is a group of at least 10 companies that account for the largest amount of sales and only five are those with the greatest technological development and set trends.

“Today we are in the top ten and we aspire for our potential to be among the five, because our technology is in some aspects superior to that of global companies, “says the industrialist.

With products considered top-of-the-range within the field, the Cordoba company faces its globalization process with innovation and development as one hundred percent from Cordoba.

Of the 70 workers that Fertec employs, half are professionals, with a high degree of commitment and conviction with the vision of the company, according to its owner.

As part of its expansion program, the company has already opened subsidiaries in Brazil and Uruguay and will shortly do the same in Paraguay. According to Tron, the idea is to promote innovation models adapted to the market in each place, combining design, marketing and digitization systems for agriculture.


The bet is to produce in those countries, such as Brazil, where there are benefits to carry it out. The company already has advanced negotiations with a partner from that country to set foot there.

“In other countries we are going to export from Argentina offering all the after-sales services and digitization of processes, putting together a mix “adds Tron.

As part of the aspiration to produce and sell more units, the company is also in talks in the United States and in a European country to carry out alliances similar to those that Brazil would apply.

“Always with the conviction that what we have most as a power is our technological development and our know how, which today allows us to compare ourselves with any of the world’s leading companies in the field “, clarifies Tron.


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