Donald Trump continues his attacks on the November 3 ballot

Thanks to the Democratic convention, which inducted Joe Biden as his party’s candidate for the November 3 presidential election, The world relaunched its campaign logbook. A daily update, with campaign facts, political advertisements, polls, maps and figures that allow you to follow and experience the most important electoral competition in the world.

On two occasions during the week, Donald Trump hinted that he refused to commit to respecting in advance the American tradition of transfer of power following the presidential election of November 3, in the event that he would be beaten by his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden. The President first raised the subject on Wednesday (September 23), forcing his spokesman, Kayleigh McEnany, to assure the following day that he “Will accept the result of a free and fair election “. A few hours later, he reiterated his position. ” We want to make sure the elections are fair, and I’m not sure that could be the case “, he added.

On Wednesday like Thursday, the president called for the cancellation of the ballots sent by post. “Let’s get rid of these ballots and it will be very peaceful, there will be no transfer really, it will be a continuation”, he said, after having said over and over again that his opponent Joe Biden can only win by cheating. He assured once again on Fox News, Thursday that correspondence bulletins are ” a horror “.

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Donald Trump has been saying for weeks that the greater use of mail-in voting due to the Covid-19 epidemic will be conducive to large-scale electoral fraud. He puts forward this reason to justify the replacement at the step of charge to the Supreme Court of the judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, disappeared on September 19. The highest legal body in the United States is the ultimate arbiter of elections. Carry out this replacement ” before the election would be a really good thing because you’re probably going to see it, because what they’re doing is trying to confuse and everything in between “, He assured Tuesday. He referred to the sending of fraudulent ballots by ” Russia, China and all the others “. “ They will be able to do something here because paper ballots are very easy to imitate and forge “, he added.

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During a congressional hearing Thursday, Federal Police Director Chris Wray, appointed by Donald Trump, said he had not uncovered any evidence of a concerted national effort to rig the outcome of the upcoming election. This claim prompted a scathing comment from Mark Meadows, chief of staff of the White House, the president’s main right-hand man. ” With all due respect to Director Wray, he has a hard time finding emails within his own FBI, so let’s not talk about whether there is any voter fraud. “, he told CBS on Friday, without specifying which missing emails he was referring to.

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