How is Manus, the “app” that will bring together the entire industry of Córdoba


Although they are used to it, it does not mean that it is a pleasant matter: the industrial entrepreneurs of Córdoba receive hundreds of messages per mail and by WhatsApp every day and it is often difficult to order to know what things are urgent, what can wait and what activities need to be attended.

With the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, this was enhanced. And the appearance of videoconferences was added, which today occupy several hours of daily work.

“Although each entity has its own dynamics, businessmen have the same problems: we get countless mails, our agenda fills up and we don’t know which meeting we have to meet and we keep browsing emails and WhatsApp until we find it, plus the ‘zooms’, it’s all overwhelming and we make water. We needed something to give us a hand, ”said Ricardo Ruival, president of the Chamber of Computer, Electronic and Communications Industries of the Center of Argentina (Ciiecca).

To solve this informative overdose, Manus was born, a app developed by Ciiecca together with the Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers of Córdoba (Afamac), but which will be available to all industrial chambers in the province.

The development was presented this Thursday, through a videoconference, in which Ruival, together with the president of Afamac, Fernando Zaragosí, detailed some of the functionalities it has.

As a kind of “social network” of the Cordoba industry, Manus (means hand in Latin) aims precisely for each businessman to have at his fingertips, by clicking on his cell phone, all the information on events, opportunities and other issues that the cameras communicate daily through various avenues.

The user can register with the entity to which he belongs and, for example, observe what events he has organized, confirm his attendance, receive an alert that the activity is about to start and the link in order to access the corresponding virtual platform.

The solution is completely free and it also allows people who are not associated with any entity but who wish to consult “transversal” information for all sectors, since the Ministry of Industry of the Province and the Bank of Córdoba (Bancor) will inform your news through this application.

“In a hyper-connected world we needed something to unite us and allow us to have all the useful information in one place. It is a tool that ends up being very timely, because we think of it in a situation when it had not been a pandemic, and now it becomes even more important for the functioning of our associations and for the relationship between the different entities, ”said Zaragosí.

At this beginning, in addition to Afamac and Ciiecca, the entities that are already part of Manus are the Chamber of Metallurgical and Component Industries (Cimcc), the Chamber of Wood, Furniture and Equipment (Cammec), the Argentine Graphic Union Regional (Ugar) and the Mining Chamber (Cemincor).

In the coming weeks, the goal is for the tool to become available to all entities that make up the Industrial Union of Córdoba (UIC).


In this regard, the head of the UIC, Marcelo Urribarren, considered that currently “the value of communication is essential for the development of companies” and that therefore “thinking about a digital tool is an overcoming action”.

For his part, the Secretary of Industry, Fernando Sibilla, appreciated that this initiative, which has the financial support of the provincial government, means an improvement in competitiveness for the productive sectors. “It means that they are funds that are being well used, because they help the microcompetitive that is gained inside the company, an essential variable in the current context,” he remarked.

Finally, Daniel Tillard, president of Bancor, stressed the importance of being able to participate in this initiative given the opportunity it presents to “know what new world each chamber is creating, which allows better decision-making in favor of all companies” .


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