He viralized the video of the Recoleta breweries breaking the quarantine and on Twitter they branded him as “buchón”


On Wednesday night a journalist exposed a worrying situation in Recoleta: dozens of people they crowded without social distancing and without masks at the door of two famous breweries.

Mattia Panza He received in a WhatsApp group that he has with friends a photo, which exposed what was happening in the place, exactly the same night that the epidemiological report reported 7147 new infections and 127 deaths. Despite this terrible news, a considerable group of people took advantage of the good weather to sit down for a drink in the bars, violating quarantine Mandatory imposed by the Government.

This 25-year-old from Salta was not left alone with that, even though he trusted that the material was real because it had been sent to him by a trusted person, he grabbed his bike and went to the place to check it.

In dialogue with TN.com.ar, he said: “I went up Plaza Francia and it was all dark, so I began to hesitate. But when I got to the shopping, in front of the cemetery, I saw that It was a lack of control, there were many people

Mattia was surprised. As detailed, “in the playpen that has the bar on the sidewalk there were about 100 people“and” there were also people in front, in the plaza area. “” Those who were at the bar they had no chinstrap, because they were drinking something, “he added.

The young journalist he approached the place and took two photos. Then he got on the bike and managed make a filming. However, he acknowledged that he was afraid of how these people might react.

And he was not mistaken, a day later, the hashtag # Buchón became a trend on Twitter with grievances, threats, and intimidating messages addressed to him, who repudiated his actions. The largest number of comments came just after he published a message thanking “everyone who accompanied” his complaint and defended him against the first insults.

Faced with this, Mattia acknowledged: “It makes me uncomfortable, I’m worried about threats. There is a violence that is escalating. “

Among the tweets that most impacted him, he remembers one in which he said: “We are going to put together a doll with the face of Mattia Panza and we are going to set it on fire in front of Buller (the bar in question). “Now he laughs, but assures that he tried not to read as much because it affects him.

Users also hinted at his birthplace and wrote repugnant phrases like “you’re going to have to go back to your province where they literally eat mud to live “or” You are going to come to Twitter to ask for RT from a pig to sell empanadas. ” they threatened to hit him. “If I pass you on the street I will put it on you,” wrote a tweeter.

This Thursday, the journalist had to go back to the door of the breweries in his role as a chronicler of the channel Multivision. There, he met the people in charge of the premises and, despite the fact that he noticed that they looked at him badly, they didn’t tell him anything.

“They they explained that they were not involved with people staying there. They were working with him take away and they insisted that they leave, but people would not agree, “says Mattia.

On Wednesday night, after the photo published on Twitter by Mattia began to circulate on social networks, the Deputy Head of Government Diego Santilli talked with Stray animals and addressed the issue. “We are at a time of great responsibility and a lot of collective work,” he began by saying.

And he continued: “Argentine society has endured these 139 days, with which we have to take care of ourselves twice. We have no vaccine or treatment. Although we started to see the light at the end of the tunnel, yesterday and today we have had above-average cases. “

When asked by journalist Luis Novaresio about what measures were taken with those who violated the quarantine to meet in the breweries, Santilli replied: “They are asked to return each to their home and if they do not, a fine must be applied

Police sources reported that this Wednesday night, the managers of the two breweries from Recoleta received infractions for violation of article 205 of the Penal Code, “because they sold drinks without respecting social distance.”

The police approached the place after complaints from neighbors. (Photo: City Police).
The police approached the place after complaints from neighbors. (Photo: City Police).

The Brigade of Commune 2 of the City Police approached the place together with the Government Control Agency (AGC) and found that in the premises located in Junín at 1700, “called Buller and Bartola, there were between 12 and 14 people crowded on the sidewalk waiting to be attended, and that inside they were empty “.

In this way, Federal Court Number 4, in charge of Dr. Ariel Lijo, and before Secretary Number 7 of Dr. Arce, intervened, ordered to notify the people in charge of the businesses of the respective infractions. However, the locals they were not closed.

The reality is that the police acted after the news went viral on social media. According to Mattia, at the time he approached the place there was only one cash in the area of ​​the square.

Beyond the grievances of those who were offended by the complaint, many journalists, media and users they came out to support him on social networks to emphasize that this young professional only did his job. “It must be made clear that the culture of liveliness is the worst thing we have and most of us are responsible like Matti Panza “, wrote one of them.

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(Photo: TN Web Infographic)
(Photo: TN Web Infographic)


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