“You are not alone”: he was left in a wheelchair for helping a neighbor and wants to revive his friendship with her


In your section “You’re not alone”, Daniel Malnatti has been telling stories of solidarity in Telenoche. Of people who need something – it could be an object or a service – and others who offer their help in a pandemic. But this Monday the journalist spoke of another reality: he got into the life of César, a carpenter from Ingeniero Maschwitz who was left in a wheelchair after a domestic accident and who needs something incredible: to reestablish the link with a neighbor.

Cesar is 48 years old and was paralyzed two years ago.. It all happened one day when he went to help his neighbor Andrea, who lives a few meters from his house. The woman had an electrical problem, he went to try to solve it, he climbed a ladder and a short circuit knocked him to the ground. He never felt his legs again.

That episode was a before and after forever in his life. Also for the friendship he had with Andrea. She never wanted to see him again. He kept in touch with Caesar’s wife and his children from the heart but couldn’t look him in the eye anymore. Because of guilt, anger, sadness … he never knew. So now, in the middle of the isolation and when all the feelings and pending accounts emerge, César made up his mind. Free of resentment and rancor, he advanced. “I don’t ask for anything material. I want you to be a link so that we can talk to Andrea again”, he asked Malnatti.

Surprised, the journalist took the post and crossed to the neighbor’s house. Wish me luck, he joked. Timbre through, this story has an uncertain end for now. This Tuesday will be unveiled in Telenoche if Andrea gave in to Cesar’s desire and broke a void and a silence of years. If it happens, he will donate a piece of furniture to whoever needs it.


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