Today’s horoscope, Tuesday August 4, 2020



Arianos Tuesday with that powerful guardianship issued by its own ruler Mars. Balance natural impulses and apply them intelligently. Very suitable day for arrangements, consolidating business ties or lucidly managing money.

Moment: turquoise color.


Bullfighting analyze the numbers regarding the accounts, it is not difficult for you to manage the money or the future programming. Today lucidity and new ideas regarding what is proposed in the professional area. Shared love, feeling and luxury.

Moment: deep pink in color.


Geminians special mental speed on this day clearly demanded in the area of ​​activities. You carry within you the power to end conflict situations that concern you on the family level. Sometimes we have to give in, and that’s not a bad thing.

Moment: lime color.


Cancerians their warm ways will be very welcome on this day of negotiations at their level. The will is appreciated and the coincidence of the parties is recognized. Love as intertwined as intense. Life-giving day, feeling of relief.

Moment: pure white.


Leoninos without hesitation today attack with healthy momentum and face the problems with rational accuracy. It is important to be balanced and know how to use natural tools to be able to deal with life’s setbacks. Health.

Moment: mint color.


They will see with their own consolidated eyes some situations that they thought were lost. Valuing and raising awareness that life undoubtedly brings meekly and in its precise times, the solutions of our problems or pains. Love wanting to grow.

Moment: sapphire.


Librianos the vicissitudes of the day passes through the scope of activities. Do your best by removing the exaggerated emotional weight that you sometimes add to things. Sufficient knowledge in the professional field to be calm.

Moment: copper colored.


Scorpios has precise intuition when it comes to answering the questions of the day that could clear up doubts or rough edges in the activities plan. They add knowledge and exercise their abilities by giving them a faithful demonstration of their fruits. Day with closings and solutions.

Moment: emerald color.


Different view and breadth of dimension on issues presented at the level of activities. They correct in time and correct past mistakes. There is always the opportunity to compensate and reward ourselves for the natural mistakes we make.

Moment: pure blue.


The matters of the heart today will take the main attention. People of your affections will need your company and advice. Pride in the workplace by being recognized and respected. It is important for self-esteem to be recognized and loved.

Moment: indigo color.


Aguateros day with some srest with a desire to release things that make them feel tied. The bonds are disarmed with the mind, we all have enough talents to choose the way we feel or take things.

Moment: sea ​​green.


Pisces things are improving financially. Little by little and without haste, they know how to give time and opportunities to bring them what is expected. It is a life lesson to be able to obtain and exercise the gift of patience and openness of mind.

Moment: mauve.


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