The Sarmiento train will run until 11 and there will be support micros for essential workers


The service of the Sarmiento train will work this Tuesday until 11:10 in the morning, just like it happened on Monday. Even if, new schedules could be announced over the course of the day. In the meantime, support micros for essential workers will continue to operate.

The interruption in service is due to last Saturday protocol was activated sanitary for coronavirus cases and several positives were detected among sector employees Control Trains, fundamental for the operation of the transport.

“Today it will work until 11:10. In the course of the day and seeing how the training of other lines is, which is in the Castelar base, we will announce the opening of other hours during the day, if possible, “he acknowledged Martín Marinucci, president of Argentine Trains, in dialogue with radio Continental.

The authority in charge of the railway service explained that already have the reinforcement of personnel from other lines, but that are generating specific training. Since the control centers do not operate in the same way in each of the traces. When they’re ready, the idea is “to start operating between 11 and 23”.

When this happens, the service would be restored from 4:30 a.m., the time the first train leaves, until 11 p.m.

Meanwhile, Marinucci remarked that micros service will continue long distance to transfer users to the western area of ​​the Buenos Aires suburbs.

The branch service was suspended last Saturday at night and it was reactivated only on Monday at zero hours, with hierarchical staff, to meet the morning rush hour. Thus, at 11:10 the last service that Once to Moreno left and the line did not start operating again until this Tuesday.

This generated Long lines of passengers at the central stations, waiting for get on the micros. In this sense, Marinucci assured that “the service responded very well” and that the agglomeration of people shown by television cameras and users on social networks in Once had to do with “meeting with a line of people who were doing a procedure at the Bolivian consulate.”

On Monday afternoon, long lines could be seen in Once and Liniers due to the interruption of the Sarmiento line (Photo: TN)

In relation to positive cases within the line, Marinucci said that there are 36 infected confirmed and more than 100 isolates. “The train workers are also neighbors of the AMBA and just as the curve in the area has accelerated, it occurred in the company,” he said.

Regarding the rest of the lines, he recognized that there are more than 500 infected: “He rock It is the line with the highest number of cases. It is related is that it is the one that carries more passengers and has more workers. We have 140 infected“. While in the Miter there are 107 cases positive, on the line Saint Martin 66 and in Belgrano Sur 60.

Also, 30% of the staff is licensed for being over 60 years old, having previous illnesses or belonging to a risk group.

As reported by the railway company, since 6 am on Tuesday there is reinforcing micros who do the tour from Moreno, Merlo and Morón to Once.

Despite the inconveniences in the service, the obligation to use the “Reserve your train” application continues. from 6 to 11 in the morning. “Book your train is not modified and we wanted to guarantee the service to people who already booked the service in that rush hour. This is the fourth line in which we are putting the application into operation and it had a very good response, “concluded Marinucci.

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(Photo: TN Web Infographic)
(Photo: TN Web Infographic)


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