Miguel Bosé reappears, looking neglected, after the latest controversies he has starred in


07/21/2020 Miguel Bosé has gained quite a bit of weight since we last saw him


Although he tries to go unnoticed and hates to be told about his life, Miguel Bosé finds himself again in the eye of the media hurricane. In addition to his criticism on social networks after the coronavirus health crisis to Bill Gates and the most powerful countries in the world, there are disagreements with Nacho Palau about the visitation regime of his children, and the lack of relationship with part of his family. And it is that the funeral organized by the singer in memory of his mother, Lucía Bosé, had the striking absence of his sisters, Lucía and Paola Dominguín, and that of his nephew Olfo Bosé, whom according to various sources he would have vetoed in the emotional celebration.

Miguel, always very discreet with his private life, was a few weeks ago in Spain, installed with his children in his house in Somosaguas. And today, we can finally offer you the first images of the artist in our country. On this occasion, the singer of “Bandit Lover” went to a large area to buy flowers. With a very serious face and completely alone, Bosé came out loaded with several bouquets of red, pink and yellow flowers with which who knows if he wanted to remember his mother – the close relationship between mother and son was known to everyone – or simply decorate your residence giving it a little color.

Wearing the mask at all times as a method of preventing the pandemic, Miguel chose a very comfortable look with black sweatpants and long-sleeved polo in the same color. With a few extra kilos since the last time we saw him, the singer also sported his hair and beard much longer than usual. Clearly very uncomfortable by the presence of the press, Lucía Bosé’s son left the car in which he was carrying the flowers in the middle of the parking lot. Without a word, the artist left, visibly nervous that we had been caught.

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