Coronavirus in Argentina | The Government launched a spot with celebrities to discourage social gatherings


The day after publishing the decree that prohibits, in the context of quarantine, social gatherings across the country for 15 days, the national government launched a Bell with renowned actors with the aim of discouraging these meetings. It spread through the public media.

In the framework of this project, which has the collaboration of the Argentine Society for the Management of Performers (SAGAI), true stories of people who got COVID-19 are recounted. In addition, the artists ask the population to continue taking care of themselves during preventive and compulsory social isolation, which lasted until August 16.

The initiative, which involves the dissemination of a series of videos in which the protagonists speak in the first person, was launched as a result of the Government ensuring that social gatherings were identified as one of the biggest foci for the spread of the disease.

They already participated in the propaganda initiative Tomás Fonzi. Luis Machín, Julieta Zylberberg, Fabián Vena, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Mirta Wons, Martina Dominici, Chango Spasiuk and G Sony. The spots are already broadcast on the Public TV, National Radio, Telam, Encounter, Paka Paka and through the platform Tell.

The ban on social gatherings applies to the entire national territory, including the provinces and municipalities that are transiting the phase 5 and this type of meeting was allowed. The measure was strongly questioned by specialists in Constitutional right, who even cataloged it as “unconstitutional”.

So for example, Currents announced the same Monday, the day the decree began to govern, that the meetings that were authorized in the province would continue to be carried out. The secretary general Carlos Vignolo assured than there was no reason to abide that provision. “We are fine, in a good health status, without community viral circulation, so there is no reason to suspend social and family gatherings, “he said.


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