“A better agreement could have been reached” and in networks they criticized him


The former finance minister Macrista questioned the numbers of the debt swap that the government has just closed and in the networks they criticized him harshly

The former finance minister and finance minister, Alfonso Prat-Gay, was critical of the agreement reached in the last hours between the government and the creditors of the debt and considered that “a better agreement could have been reached.”

In a message published on his personal Twitter account, he indicated the case of Ecuador as an example, in which, according to what he said, it was agreed “faster” and with “greater relief of interests, longer terms and capital withdrawals.”

However, Prat-Gay considered that now that the negotiation has come to an end, “that’s it.” “With agreement it does not reach; without agreement it does not start. Now to put all the dialogue and all the energy to get out of this painful recession,” he added.

They criticized him on the networks

The statements of Prat-Gay, who held the post of minister from December 2015 to December 2016, contrasted with those of other personalities who also had economic responsibilities during the Macri government, such as Hernán Lacunza, Guido Sandleris and Luis Caputo.

Twitter users criticized him harshly

Other responses

@Carrous_el: Haha Ecuador arranged a NPV of 70% and coupons for 6%. Argentina is a much better arrangement. He believes that lowering his pants completely, as he did when he was minister, means a good arrangement.

@PatricioBarton: It’s true Alfon, you can always do better. A little more capital could have escaped during your unforgettable management. But still many escaped. Thank you very much.

@Tendencia_Peron: You could not have paid the vultures what the vultures wanted, too. Ask for 2 pizzas, so you fill your mouth with something other than the words of a scoundrel

@giomagalu: It would have been better not to take an unpayable debt based on colored mirrors and fallacies of which you were an accomplice, right? Hopefully as an opposition they can really make a constructive contribution, but waiting for them to keep their words is much more difficult than closing a debt agreement.

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