TEST Is this person facing or profile ?: what he says about you


Look carefully at the following image and then answer the following question: is the young man in the image in profile or is he facing you?

This is one of the typical tests that we Argentines like: from an image, say what we see. The truth is that a lot depends on how we are that day and what signals we send to our brain. Depending on all that is how we are going to perceive and react at certain times.

He test is very simpleThe only thing you have to do is look carefully at the following image and then answer the following question: is the young man who appears in the image in profile or in front of him?

Your answer can indicate many things about your hidden fears, your personality, what is your way of interacting with others and much more.

The figure is in profile

If you saw the man in profile, it’s because you probably looked at his nose and mouth first.

Having avoided eye contact, it follows that you can be an introvert and a bit shy. You don’t like being the center of attention and you have a hard time relating to others. You are not very trusting of people. You are rather few, but good friends with whom you are unconditional.

The figure is facing

If this is your answer, it is because you instinctively looked the person in their eyes, which means that you are a sincere and frank person. You always say what you think and from the front. You are one of those who have their opinion and defend it.

Plus, you’re outgoing and love meeting new people. You are very sociable although at times you can be a little controlling, you like to have everything under control and set times according to your criteria and disposition.

You are so sure of yourself that sometimes even impresses others. You are not suspicious, but you have good intuition to choose your friends.

But beware: as we told you before starting the test. Results may vary depending on your mood and perhaps you are thinking of something else in your unconscious.

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