Nicole Neumann has coronavirus: “When I saw the positive, my soul came to the floor”


Nicole Neumann He told this Monday morning that the result of the test that was done gave him a positive test and he has a coronavirus. From a mobile that she made from her house -where she meets preventive isolation- the model communicated it in Us in the morning, the cycle of Thirteen in which she stands out as a panelist.

“I am asymptomatic”, indicated and revealed his feelings when they gave him the result. “I panicked, my soul fell to the floor”she said, adding that she was locked in her room for a few minutes. “But then I went out because I’m with the girls and I have to cook for them.” The model goes through isolation accompanied by her three daughters Indiana, Allegra and Sienna, fruit of his relationship with Fabian Bean Cubero, who were not swabbed because they had no symptoms.

The model also ironized when talking about who spread the news that an employee of hers had been tested positive. “I have two fans of those love / hate that throw things around all the time. It is impossible even to preserve things from the privacy of the girls ”, maintained who maintains a judicial war with her ex-husband and her current partner Mica Viciconte.

In turn, she indicated that since she had no symptoms, the swab had just been done when the employee who lives with her and her daughters at home woke up one day with the loss of smell. “Obviously I was alarmed, because that is one of the characteristics of the coronavirus. Please, I asked her to stay locked in her room until she was tested, ”Neumann said, explaining that the woman left her home and was transferred to an isolation center.

“From that moment, the cohabitants and close contacts, who are my daughters and I, have to do a preventive quarantine. The boys are not hisopic, and it gave me positive. But thank God I’m going through it asymptomatically“Continued who affirmed that he feels good.

For her part, she maintained that she “did everything right” and took the pertinent messages. “There were no meetings, there was nothing. A minimum carelessness that you have next to you. It is what is happening in the whole world and it touched us closely ”.

Regarding the symptoms that the model presented, she explained that she only had a little sore throat. “Now they take ten days of the minimum symptom, then you no longer infect, there is no need to swab and you are already discharged. Already on Monday, if you dare, and let me go back to work”, He anticipated his companions in the morning of El Trece.

“I am very hypochondriacal. That is why I am so obsessed with care. “, added who was surprised with the result of the swab. “I really thought I was going to get negative because of how I am with care. I tried to calm down and I told the girls ‘Let’s put the mind in positive and continue taking all care ‘”, He recounted in the cycle that El Pollo Álvarez conducts and detailed that inside his house he maintains a distance of three meters from his daughters and that, in addition, he wears the mask“ in case any is negative ”.

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