Footwear, toys and clothing, among the items that suffer the most


Retail sales of SME stores in the province of Córdoba ended July with a drop of 18.7 percent year-on-year.

Although the decline remains deep, there is a slowdown in the rate of contraction that has been registered since the beginning of the quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In June, the year-on-year drop had been 23.9% and in May (the first full month of preventive and compulsory social isolation), 54.1%, while the average monthly contraction for all of 2019 was 10.9% year-on-year.

The data comes from the survey carried out by the Córdoba Commercial Federation (Fedecom), and its adhered chambers and shopping centers throughout the province.

Thus, with the July data, there are already 29 months of consecutive falls in retail sales.

“The (half) Christmas bonus and the allocations that the State is granting may have helped to sustain part of the sales of the businesses and even have promoted delayed or relegated purchases by families, in the midst of the prevailing uncertainty,” said Ezequiel Cerezo, president of fedecom.

“This can be seen in the increase in sales during the last days of July, in which the Hot Sale organized by the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce took place,” he added.

The most impacted

Of the 12 items surveyed by the entity, 10 reached negative values. From Fedecom consider that the loss of purchasing power of families and fear of lack of employment or reduction of working hours dominates the consumption decision and makes demand remain cautious.

Jewelry, watchmaking and bijouterie showed a contraction of 47.9%, followed by footwear and leather goods (-45.7%), toys and bookstores (-33.5), clothing (29.7) and bazaar and gifts (-27.8).

Household appliances and electronic items fell 25.3%, furniture and decoration (-20.1), tires and spare parts (-16.5), hardware, electrical materials and construction materials (-8.4), and food and beverages ( -5.2).

On the other hand, those that showed growth in the interannual comparison by quantities sold were pharmacy, perfumery and cosmetics (3.4%) and sporting and recreational articles (2.1).

Regarding the forms of payment, 69% of the transactions were made with electronic means and 31% in cash.

Regarding expectations for August, 43% of the businesses surveyed indicated that they expect a further decrease in their sales.


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