Coronavirus in Mexico: 47,746 deaths and 439,046 cases accumulated


During the daily evening press conference to notify the progress of the new coronavirus in Mexico, held at the National Palace at 7:00 p.m., the Health Secretary (SSa) confirmed that until Sunday, August 2, there are 47,746 deaths and 439,046 accumulated cases of COVID-19.

While reading the technical report, José Luis Alomy, director of Epidemiology, specified that the estimated calculation of active cases is at 10%, regarding the estimated cases (478,082), that is 48,772 patients have been infected in the last 14 days and have the ability to generate more infections.

Regarding hospital availability, the public servant specified that more than 50% of beds in the network are still free IRAG (Serious Acute Respiratory Infection).

Updated data on the coronavirus in Mexico (Photo: Screenshot)

Regarding general beds (without respiratory support)Of the 30,712 beds that exist, only 45% have been used, which represents 13,860 used units. That means that 16,852 or 55 percent are ready to use.

Of the 10,388 fan beds (with artificial respiratory support) that they have in Mexico, 3,994 are occupied, which is equivalent to 38 percent. This means that 62% or 6,394 beds are free.

In general availability, between both types of beds, it is presumed that of the total, 30,712, 16,852 remain free, or 55%; and occupied, 13,860, that is to say 45 percent.

Millions of Mexicans adapt to the new normality before the new coronavirus (Photo: EFE / Jorge Núñez)
Millions of Mexicans adapt to the new normality before the new coronavirus (Photo: EFE / Jorge Núñez)

Regarding the economic crisis that brought the new coronavirus to the republic, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador issued a message on his social networks in which he assures that the worst is over and that from now on only the recovery period remains.

“In the case of our country, we have maintained that this economic crisis will have a drawing, a form of ‘V ‘, that is to say that we fell and we are going to leave, we are going to recover soon. I think there is the heart of the matter, that is, all economies are going to fall, but here the important thing is to know how we are going to recover, who are going to recover sooner and better, and who are going to maintain economies with growth ”, assured AMLO.

According to the head of the federal executive, around 555,000 jobs were lost in April, 340,000 in May and 82,000 in June; however, in July only 3,430 jobs were lost, a significant drop, which allowed Mexico to stay below the forecast of one million lost jobs.

“Exactly there are 16 states where there was loss of jobs and 16 where workers were already hired, a rehiring of workers, this is a good fact, it is an encouraging sign, it is an indication that we are moving forward,” reported the President of Mexico. .

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