What do you see first in this mysterious image and what does it say about you?

“What do you see first?” Is the premise of this psychological test that reveals hidden traits of each person’s personality. Co

Tests that help us better understand how we think and what defense mechanisms we use in certain situations are becoming more common, as well as what are the hidden fears, desires and traumas that we have in our conscious thought.

“What do you see first?”, is the premise of this psychological test that reveals hidden traits of the personality of each person. The response should be immediate and this is what


If the first image you saw was the snail This means that you usually make decisions in an orderly way, evaluating the pros and cons depending on each situation.

Before each action, you are surely one step ahead (having already taken into account the possible results). This is due to your great ability to reason and prevent problems.

As for couple relationships, you are a person who adopts a reflective and not at all impulsive behavior. You do not usually regret your decisions since they are quite thoughtful before being carried out. They are people who often help others.


If the first thing you saw in this psychological test was a skullThis means that you are a person who can be affected by a state of constant worry. If you are facing a complicated decision you can be quite impulsive. Immediately you think if what you decided was right or not.

They are creative but insecure people. You are used to working hard for what you want to achieve but when it is not enough you can feel depressed or stressed. The best thing you can do is relax and take some time for reflection.

Skull and snail

On the other hand, since the brain can process several images at once, you may have seen the snail and the skull at the same time. In this case, this speaks of the personality having elements of the snail and also of the skull. It is a mixture of both personalities.

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