The Sarmiento train interrupts its service until Monday due to coronavirus cases

The service of the Sarmiento train, connecting the Once and Moreno stations, will remain interrupted from this Saturday night until next Monday, as a consequence of the activation of the COVID-19 protocol, by suspected cases in a sector of the line. Special microphones will be arranged to transport essential workers.

As indicated by the Minister of Transport, Mario Meoni, in the air of TN, a high percentage of the employees of the Train Control sector, the nerve center of the railway operation, is isolated for presenting symptoms compatible with the disease or having been in contact close with any of those affected.

“In recent days we have had new complications and alerts for possible cases of coronavirus. This made the number of personnel to be restricted as much as possible, making it impossible for us to function normally, “said Meoni.

In addition, he indicated that they will seek to “regroup” the personnel and summon employees from other lines to optimize the service. Meanwhile, he detailed that there will be long distance buses “That will leave from the main stations” so that they can be used by people affected by essential jobs.

In the face of a suspicious case, Trenes Argentinos has had a protocol that applies immediately from the beginning of the pandemic, in order to avoid contagion within the units.

Till the date, 427 company employees contracted the disease and more than 1,600 had to be isolated for having close contacts within the company.

In addition, 30% of the staff is licensed because they are over 60 years old, have comorbidities or belong to a risk group.