The nightmare of an accountant who returned from a trip with his girlfriend and was arrested for a violent robbery in Córdoba

Ezequiel Marclé He has been detained for 33 days. This Wednesday he was processed with preventive prison for robbery aggravated by the injurious result: he is accused of a violent assault on an elderly woman who ended up hospitalized for the blows that the thief gave her before taking $ 15,000.

“We have been traveling in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador for 23 months. We left in March 2018 and We returned to Río Cuarto on February 25 of this year15 days before the borders closed, “said Macarena Pardo, Marclé’s girlfriend,

Ezequiel with Macarena Pardo, his partner. (Photo: Facebook / Ezequiel Marclé).

At that time, each one went to their parents’ house with one goal: to settle again in their city and live together. “Before we had to adapt and look for work. The first days were of reunions, after “, said the young woman.

Ezekiel is an accountant. He returned to his job at the Jockey Club school and he had already contacted the National University of Córdoba to finish the career of Business Administrator.

On March 5, in a case that was reported in the Cordovan press, an elderly woman was assaulted through the maneuver known as the “uncle’s tale.” “They beat her brutally, in such a way that she was hospitalized“Macarena pointed out.

Ezequiel Marclé is on remand for a violent robbery. (Photo: Facebook / Ezequiel Marclé).
Ezequiel Marclé is on remand for a violent robbery. (Photo: Facebook / Ezequiel Marclé).

For us it was something alien, something we saw on TV. Nor do we comment on it. On March 11, my companion is searched in the house where he is living with his mother and sister. At that time, Ezekiel was with me in my family’s business. The mother called him to come, she was all revolutionized, we did not understand anything, “he added.

“When we arrived, one of the investigative police officers told him that they were looking for $ 15,000, a black pair of pants, a light blue shirt, a keychain and a black briefcase. He told them that he had a thousand dollars that were savings from both of them. They also brought the briefcase he used at work. We were puzzled, “he said.

The couple continued their life. But on June 22, a subpoena came: two days later was due to appear at a recognition wheel. “They asked him to bring people. We asked my brothers, his brother-in-law and a cousin. They introduced themselves and the lady – hesitantly – points this out saying that it could be him but that ‘the other was much more robust ‘”.

“We left worried. On June 29, the investigative police appeared at my home and asked me where Ezequiel was. I told them he was working. They went looking for him and took him away with the excuse that they had to ask him more questions. . Never came back

Since then, the young man has no contact with his family and a few days ago he spent his birthday at the Córdoba Police Mayor’s Office. Only this Wednesday, after he was ordered to preventive detention, was he able to meet his father for a few minutes.

We tried everything, from the judicial point of view, to demonstrate Ezekiel’s innocence. He has no record, he is a person totally oblivious to criminal acts. During our trip we never had problems, quite the opposite. We have stayed to sleep in the houses of people who did not know us and they opened their doors for us, “Macarena said.

Candomberos called for Ezekiel's release. (Photo: Macarena Pardo).
Candomberos called for Ezekiel’s release. (Photo: Macarena Pardo).

The most absurd thing is that preventive detention is given to them for the trip we took. They consider that Ezekiel’s life is nomadic, so he could elope. Instead they did not consider any of the evidence we presented. “

This Saturday, his relatives claimed for his freedom in a very particular way: “We gave him a gift for the day of Pachamamá with the candombe group he belongs to, “said his girlfriend.

We want the truth to triumph and clarify everything. We have been ill since the raid, but this past month has changed our lives, “closed the young woman.

“The evidence is very weak”

Nicolás Rins is Ezequiel’s lawyer. “Everything is absurd,” he summarized in dialogue with For the lawyer, the evidence in the file that points to the accountant is weak. “Honestly, they are wearing a kid,” he stressed.

The lawyer explained his gaze on the case: “After robbery, a grandson of the victim – without police or forensic training – imagined that the author should be among Facebook’s friends of a person with whom there was an old family confrontation. ”

“Enough with parsley”, the message on the bike. (Photo: Macarena Pardo).

“The man asked his grandmother for a description of the attacker and he checked among the friends of that person’s social network if there could be someone with those characteristics and there he saw Ezekiel. He then took the photo to his grandmother who confirmed it, “Rins continued.

“Then Ezequiel’s home was raided and some dollars he had saved were found, in which he had three bills “small face”. The victim of the robbery said that among the dollars that were stolen there were some “small face” bills. Then the victim very hesitantly recognized him. That’s it“, briefly recounted the investigation involving Judge Luciana Alba and Prosecutor Pablo Favega.

For the lawyer “all part of a very unreliable initial statement made on social networks by a third party oblivious to the fact, who accused him as the author and was exhibiting his photo as if it were and the kidnapping of a couple of “small face” tickets at his home. Based on that, the prosecutor arrested him more than thirty days ago. and they ordered preventive detention. Ezequiel explained and proved what he did that day, “he assured.

“Beyond the fact that the evidence is very weak, Ezequiel presents no risk of flight or of hindering the investigation. From the first moment he collaborated, gave the dollars himself and appeared when he was summoned. Preventive detention is unfair and arbitrary, “he said.

Finally, Rins noted that “a lot of evidence has been offered that has not been admitted yet.” Now the lawyer awaits the response to an opposition that he presented to the Control Judge.