I have a good salary but I don’t enjoy my job: should I change?


It may happen that at some point in our professional career we wonder if it is time to change jobs. What are the signs?

“Many times what we think is the best thing that can happen to us, It is the worst thing that can happen to us, like earning a good salary and that this does not give us all the satisfaction we longed for“says Dr. Marcelo Suárez, specialist in Internal Medicine and Healthy Behaviors (MN 73796).

According to the specialist, the first thing to know is that what we intend to earn in a job is not just money, it is also means related to our life choice. “If we only choose the job for the salary it is much easier to make the decision to resign when another one of my liking appears despite a lower salary“he remarks.

Guillermo Miguenz, social psychologist and social communicator, head of the Quilmes Training Divisions and Dinamo Consultant, joins this idea. “The first thing we must wondering is ours why, a question that we don’t usually ask ourselves because we always put money as the most important variable “.

According to him, it is important to make a list of those aspects that are relevant: do I have time? Does it allow me to develop my passions? It is these points that allow us to account for whether or not we have to change jobs.

If we only choose the job for the salary, it is much easier to make the decision to quit, experts say

On the other hand, says the social psychologist, in postmodernism there is a branch of psychology that aims to integrate work with leisure, where everything has to be enjoyment. “This is not possible since nobody can have a moment of constant pleasure and take that to work. And it is not about changing what I do not like, but about create a different environment where I am. We tend to change many things because we don’t detect what we want

Along the same lines, Miguel Alfonso Terlizzi, president of hucap, states: “In all companies there are good people, professionals, managers, and also, quite the contrary. Therefore, we must be clear, first of all, what is our professional and personal objective, what I am looking for in this new company or new job project or as an entrepreneur, what does it have to offer me that my current job does not have, how will the job change impact my life and see that the impacts are mostly positive ”

Encourage change

Although the reasons for considering a change may be many, the most common are: lack of motivation; the need for an air change; of an improvement in the quality of life; feel that we have reached our ceiling; or the lack of assessment. And these points, necessarily, trigger certain symptoms that work as indications that it is time to dare to get out of our comfort zone.

The demotivation from work is detrimental to both parties, that is, the company has a collaborator who is not giving the best of himself and, therefore, this impacts his productivity. In return, The collaborator, who is not satisfied with his work, can mean “a burden” and this impacts his physical and emotional health.

“The stress caused by the different situations that may arise in the workplace, has physical and emotional manifestations in our body, is the so-called job burnout,” explains Miguel Alfonso Terlizzi. The state of healthy equilibrium is a necessary condition (although not sufficient) so that extraordinary results, in addition to being balanced, are sustainable for an organization.

Demotivation from work is harmful for both parties: for the individual and for the company

“We have to always keep in mind that we get sick from the damage, not from the years“says Dr. Marcelo Suárez.” Holding a job because I earn well at the cost of feeling very stressed, without being able to rest, without good relationships between colleagues, de-energized and without free time to enjoy life, with tyrannical bosses, not worth it

Work occupies us more than half of our lives, let’s not generate, with a bad job choice, that feeling of thinking that life is very long. Although it is true that efforts, quarrels, tiredness, bad mood, will always exist in any workplace, it does not have to be permanently.

“Our work is one that strengthens our objective: to live longer and better, and ultimately that does not have to do with the material exclusively. Let us remember that life is that time that inexorably passes, while we do things that displease us“emphasizes Suarez.

The Japanese simplify it with one word: Ikigai (life purpose). “That is our best salary,” concludes Suarez.

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