Clandestine party in La Plata: 80 people barricaded themselves in a bar after being denounced for violating the quarantine

A resident of Villa Elisa made a report to 911 about annoying noises in a bar closed due to “social, preventive and compulsory isolation.”

For prevention, the police approached the establishment, but they never imagined finding 80 people in the middle of a party.

The party was clandestine precisely because the Municipality of La Plata did not enable social gatherings to avoid contagion of coronavirus.

The young people did not want to leave the bar (Photo: Buenos Aires Ministry of Security).

Not only that: the owners of the bar in question, Baghdad, had announced on June 23 the final closure of the place due to the economic crisis.

However, this weekend, 80 people gathered in Baghdad to drink alcohol and listen to music, as published

The Urban Control officers from La Plata had problems to vacate the bar: young people did not want to leave the clandestine party.

So, the prosecutor on duty had to be presented on the spot so that the assistants agreed to leave to their homes, but charged with violating the quarantine.