can say a lot about your personality

The option you choose from this image may be one of the ways in which you could react and act in the face of a crisis

Tests that help us better understand how we think and what defense mechanisms we use in certain situations are becoming more common, as well as what are the hidden fears, desires and traumas that we have in our conscious thought.

From the image that represents a burning house, you have to to choose one of the options which are marked with a number that represents them.

The option you choose from this image It may be one of the ways you could react and act in the face of a crisis:

1. Woman at the window

You feel totally oppressed at the image of a crisis and you think that everyone is falling apart. It can indicate that you have to put yourself in the role of victim very easily, even if you don’t want to, and you come to think that only the bad things in the world happen to you.

2. Fireplace

You are someone who, in a difficult situation, is looking for a way to escape, no matter how they do it. You may, too, often deny problems a bit.

3. Smoke

You are usually a very dramatic person. When you are in a difficult moment you may lose yourself a little in the atmosphere and not focus on the problem, even making it lengthen or intensify more and more.

4. Top window

You are a person who in the face of a problem can deny it over and over and over again until it directly explodes. You have to learn to listen to your intuition, speak things before they explode.

5. Door

You are a person who in difficult situations does not lose his calm. You stay in control and coldly choose the most rational way to solve things.

6. Bottom window

If you chose this option it may indicate that you are someone who escapes from the problems but who chooses the way to do it. You have a very creative type of thinking, which helps you find different solutions to certain problems.

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