Are you addicted to cell phones? Find out by doing this test


With the questions of this test you will be able to know what is your level of dependence on cell phones, something that increased in times of pandemic

Although it is true that we find it very useful for a multiplicity of questions, sometimes we dedicate a excessive time on the cell phone, leaving other important matters aside.

Surely since we started the quarantine you have a greater need for communicate with others and you’ve increased the amount of time you spend on your phone.

Through this test you are going to check if you dependency is excessive. We invite you to do it thinking about how you were before the quarantine and how you are now, because as you will see it is not about stopping using it, but about use it wisely.

Add one point for each true answer and at the end you will know the result.

  • When I use my cell phone less time I feel less happy. v – f
  • I get in a bad mood when I spend a lot of time without my cell phone. v – f
  • I consider it impossible to go a day without my cell phone. v – f
  • The time I spend on my cell phone prevents me from doing important tasks sometimes. v – f
  • I think you might be spending too much time on your cell phone. v – f
  • People around me tell me that I spend a lot of time on my cell phone. v – f
  • I’m nervous if I don’t get a call or message when I’m waiting for it. v – f
  • Many times I have ignored the people I was with to use my cell phone v – f
  • I was on the cell phone when I knew I had to study or do some important task. v – f
  • I’ve been watching my cell phone when I should be sleeping v – f
  • I have gotten into trouble at work or in my study center due to the use of cell phones v – f
  • I have caused or have been about to cause an accident by using the cell phone. v – f


If you got less than 6 points, then you are not a cell phone addict, you know how to use this device and you do not have a true dependence on it.

If you got 6 or more points, you may have a problem with the cell phone use.

The development of a addiction it is something to be taken seriously, and it is necessary Consult with a specialized professional.

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