4-0. America thrashes Tijuana and jumps to the top of the Apertura soccer tournament in Mexico

América reached six points with two wins in two outings of the Apertura 2020 soccer tournament in Mexico. EFE / David Martínez Pelcastre / Archive
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Mexico, Aug 1 (EFE) .- The Águilas del América thrashed the Xolos of Tijuana 4-0 this Saturday to maintain their perfect pace in two outings and jump to the first place in the Apertura 2020 tournament of Mexican soccer.
Paraguayans Ricard Sánchez and Bruno Valdez and Mexican Henry Martin, a couple of times, converted for coach Águilas Miguel Herrera.
The Xolos of the Argentine strategist Pablo Guede stepped on the rival area in the 11th minute with an arrival on the left wing of the Colombian Fabián Castillo, but then the game became entangled in the middle of the field.
In the 35th minute Sebastián Córdova accepted a pass from Jorge Sánchez in a warning from the Eagles, who from there took over the match in the rest of the initial half.
Sánchez took advantage of a defense oversight and from long distance shot at the angle of his right leg, to make one of the most elegant goals so far in the championship, 1-0.
America was better in the closing with approaches to the goal defended by Jonathan Orozco, who was unharmed by an attack by Córdova in the closing of the first half.
The second half started moving. Castillo created danger for America, who emerged unscathed and armed a counterattack stopped by a good start by Orozco on an arrival by the Uruguayan Federico Viñas.
Roger Martínez recovered a ball and put it to Valdez, who finished off left-handed on the edge of the area for 2-0, a goal that changed the balance of forces on the court because the Xolos disappeared.
America continued to dominate and in 79 put scoring marker. Roger Martínez shot on goal and Henry Martín rescued the rebound to convert 3-0, an enlarged difference in 84 with another goal from Martn to pass by Alonso Escoboza.
América reached six points with two wins in two outings and Tijuana has three with one victory and one draw.
On the third day, America will visit Necaxa next Friday, a day after Xolos receives the Tigres UANL.
– Data sheet:
4- America: Guillermo Ochoa; Jorge Sánchez, Sebastián Cáceres, Luis Reyes, Bruno Valdez; Francisco Córdova (Emilio Sánchez m.78), Richard Sánchez, Jesús Antonio López (Alonso Escoboza m.64), Fernando González; Roger Martínez (Paul Aguilar m.86), Federico Viñas (Henry Martin m. 78).
Coach: Miguel Herrera.
0- Jonathan Orozco; Bryan Colula (Aldo Cruz m.46), Miguel Barbieri, Jaime Gómez, Víctor Guzmán; Kevin Balanta (Edwin Cardona m.59), Clifford Aboagye, Fabián Castillo (Jordi Cortizo m.82); Miler Bolaños. Bryan Angulo (Mauro Lainez m.59), Ariel Nahuelpan (Édgar López m.82).
Coach: Pablo Guede.
Goals: 1-0, m.37: Richard Sánchez; 2-0, m.57: Bruno Valdez; 3-0, m.79: Henry Martin; 4-0, m.84: Henry Martin.
Referee: Adonai Escobedo. He admonished Uruguayan Sebastián Cáceres (m.29), for América, and Argentine Miguel Barbieri (m.28), Bryan Colula (m.36), Ghanaian Clifford Aboagye (m.39), Jaime Gómez (m. 73) and the Ecuadorian Miler Bolaños (m.87), for the Xolos of Tijuana.
Incidents. Match of the second day of the Apertura 2020 tournament of Mexican football, held at the University Stadium in Mexico City, 2,240 meters above sea level.