Telenoche | Another week in the parallel worlds of Mario Markic

The pandemic cannot hide the delusional situations that we live in. From Donald Trump to Cristina Kirchner. This week had something for everyone. The US president is concerned about the numbers on the way to the elections and wants to postpone them. He also showed his fanaticism for a pediatrician from Cameroon who has the most unusual issues and maintains that he cured 350 patients with covid.

“Psychological problems appear after people have sexual relations in their dreams with witches and demons”: This is how this pediatrician presents herself to whom the very President of the United States himself showed his devotion. Calling itself “The Warrior Princess of God”. All this while the country he leads is approaching the 160 thousand deaths from the coronavirus.

But the week has national news too. Cristina Kirchner cut the audio to Esteban Bullrich while he was exposing in the senate and this. “At any moment tennis, golf and also the sound of the senate’s microphones come back” Mario tells us. It is that Cristina is not the first time that she does it and she is already generating noise in the opposition.

Another week of quarantine passes and Mario Markic does not show everything that happens in front of our eyes but is overshadowed by those who are passing us.