SUBE cards that are not registered in the circulation permits will be suspended

The Government will suspend SUBE cards that record trips for more than two consecutive days without being declared in a circulation certificate, in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA), within the framework of the mandatory isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The measure, announced by the Ministry of Transport, aims to “take care of public health and guarantee social distancing for essential workers who travel by public transport

It was indicated that “SUBE cards, administered by Nación Servicios, not declared in the certificate Caring for essentials will be suspended for up to 7 days after the last inter-jurisdictional use. “

Therefore, passengers with essential permission and those with a 24-hour permit due to force majeure were asked to declare a SUBE card number on the single enabling certificate form “in order to avoid inconveniences when traveling to accomplish their tasks. “

It was pointed out that “the sanction for the irregular use of the SUBE card responds to the provision that reserves public transport only essential workers and those who must move for reasons of force majeure. “

“This measure is possible through SUBE technology and data crossing with the Cuidar application of the Ministry of Public Innovation. The data is protected in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 25,326, “it was indicated.

It was also clarified that if a user who is an essential worker and is able to travel by public transport, the card is suspended by mistake, you can make the claim to SUBE through social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or WhatsApp.

In addition, upon expiration of the suspension term or the end of the isolation period, whichever occurs first, the SUBE card will automatically reactivate as long as the card balance will not be lost as long as the penalty is extended.