Scandal and memes by a cross between Canosa and Brancatelli

Intratables host and panelist don’t get along on social media. One of them blocked the other and everything came to light

The journalist Viviana Canosa He had a setback on social networks: he became the center of teasing on Twitter for sharing an image with which he suggested, wrongly, to a member of the Regiment of Grenadiers of the Casa Rosada of not respecting social distance.

Canosa’s mistake quickly became trending on social media and received wholesale criticism. One of those who adhered to the statement was Diego Brancatelli, renowned panelist of the Intratables program. In addition, “Branca” raised the ante: he revealed that Canosa blocked it on Twitter.

Canosa recently accused the President of sending him intimidating messages.

Canosa’s controversial tweet

Social distancing? Chinstrap? “Asked the television host next to an image that shows a soldier posing next to a drag queen, which motivated many users -mostly anti-Kirchnerists- to say that this artist was Dyhzy, the son of Alberto Fernández, thus proving that the name Estanislao Fernández is also a trending topic.

The author of that image, Karina Beltrán, quickly answered the presenter of Nada Personal (El Nueve). “Viviana, excuse me, but I took this photo in 2013, at this moment it is part of the @FotoargentA publication. It has nothing to do with the current situation we are experiencing,” said the photographer.

While the Intruder expansionist received chicanes and memes against her, BrancatelliApparently, he also wanted to dedicate a message to him, but he ended up taking the surprise that his colleague blocked him on the bird’s social network.

“I can’t believe it! Viviana Canosa blocked me! I am a looser (sic) wrong boló …!”, Wrote the panelist of Intratables.

“What do I do? I am not going to be able to sleep (?) And it was these days. Did something bother him? Weird. She who defends freedom of expression, blocking a colleague!” Thus, the controversy was rekindled by the complaint that the television and radio presenter made claiming that President Alberto Fernández sent her text messages that she considered intimidating.

Diego Brancatelli, historical panelist

Diego Brancatelli, historical panelist “K” of Intratables.

For his part, Canosa then exchanged words with another journalist, Leo Arias, and said that he only uploaded a photo that he saw today, Exitoína points out.

I don’t know who the one in the photo is. Don’t look where there’s nothing to scratch“asked the host of El Nueve.

The memes that motivated Canosa

On the occasion of Canosa’s request for distance and chinstraps from a pre-quarantine photo, social networks responded with ridicule and memes.

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