It will hire 2,500 employees and pay good wages: star sector

Despite the economic crisis, aggravated by the coronavirus, this branch of activity registers an even higher job demand than in 2019

The technology industry It’s one of the star sectors of the Argentina: registered so far in 2020 a higher job demand in a 2.3% compared to 2019, with job searches to cover 2,500 positionsYes, many of which remain open in a scenario of economic crisis that came from two years ago and that was now aggravated by the coronavirus pandemic.

“The software industry has been in great demand of employment and in recent years there has been the characteristic, not common in Argentina, that an industry that employs 115,000 people comes year after year with an increasing trend and also with a unsatisfied demand“The president of the Argentine Chamber of the Software Industry (Cessi), Sergio Candelo, told Télam.

He specified that “for this year, before the pandemic, the projected demand was 15%, about 16,000 people”, but explained that with the effects of the coronavirus and quarantine on the economy “The number of positions required was 2,500.”

“The positive thing is that this sector demand employment“Candelo remarked, who pointed out that right now” there are many inquiries from the productive sector about how to become more digital, turn to electronic commerce, serve customers less in person. ”

For his part, Grupo Gestión’s Personnel Selection supervisor, César Dib, told Télam that the company is “with a increase of requests of job which is 50% higher than last year “, and remarked that “the increase in demand came mainly from companies linked to digital transformation and electronic commerce.”

“We began to apply the modality of video interviews, video calls, which marks a before and after. We have been working on them since 2015 and we began to implement them in 2017. It was a way of anticipating what was to come at some point, but the pandemic accelerated it, “said Dib.

Meanwhile, Epidata’s Selection Manager, Nazarena Mancabelli, told Télam that the company is “with 60 open searches, and 20 other people have already entered, “and assured that”there was no shock from the pandemic. “

“We had to develop solutions for electronic commerce and other virtual issues,” said Mancabelli, who also highlighted: “We work by providing services to many health companies, which made it necessary to incorporate people.”

Along the same lines, the specialist in Recruitment and Selection of SAP for the South Region, Valeria Forlano, told the same agency that the firm has “29 open positions” search for personnel, and explained that the support of the demand is that the company provides “services from Argentina to other countries where there are sectors that grow gradually.”

“We are a systems company that sells software and basically that is something that companies today continue to choose for their systems, to adapt to this new context. More systems are demanded because it is important to have consolidated information in the handling of documentation digital, “Forlano said.

The IT sector is one of the most dynamic of the moment in Argentina

For his part, the director of Human Resources at Century Link, Martín Tomassi, explained to Télam that “the search for personnel was not affected by the pandemic, basically because the business grew exponentially due to the coronavirus,” and pointed out that the company has “40 open searches “.

“The use of infrastructure and corporate communications in people’s homes required added value over connections for data protection and security,” said Tomassi, who noted that “the electronic commerce, banks, content transmission, were very positively impacted with very notable growth. We had to adapt fiber optic connectivity services to that demand. ”

Likewise, the managing director for the South region of Grupo Assa, Adrián Jerbic, told this agency that “the companies that sell to the foreign market were able to maintain growth levels this year”, and specified that in the case of his company they incorporated “106 people and we are going to incorporate 150 more to cover the projected demand growth level of 15%. “

“We are serving industries considered essential. Our main export industry, which is 85%, is health. And one of those global laboratories that are working hard on Covid-19 research is using our platform to follow up on the patients treated, “said Jerbic, who added:” we also serve electronic commerce, and the food and beverage sector. ”

Meanwhile, the executive director of Human Resources at Etermax, Sebastián Peña, pointed out to Télam that the company hired “in the first half of the year more than 80 professionals, 50 of them during quarantine,” adding that wait “to incorporate at least 120 employees before the end of the year. “

“It is a challenge to grow in this context. To do so, we adapt our search and selection processes so that the candidates have a good experience, and even once hired, we seek that they have their induction remotely,” said Peña, who stated that “the Pandemic put technology at the forefront, helping us stay connected in isolation. ”

Today, IT professionals receive between $ 64,300 and more than $ 600,000

Above-average wages

Scarce and highly demanded (it is true that they are sought by both local and international companies), these professionals set the bar high when comparing income.

They are the ‘four-leaf clovers on the market’. In the vast majority of positions, the demand by companies is greater than the supply of applicants. This is what happens, for example, with specialists in machine and deep learning, in Artificial intelligence, in cybersecurity cloud. Developers of software and applications, engineers and experts in robotics, among others, “says Miguel Terlizzi, president of HuCap.

Now, what is the salary of these professionals? “The positions of ITEM they move in what we could call a ‘parallel labor market’. What has been described up to now makes them very well paid, because it responds to the whirlwind of retaining them. This in many cases distorts the internal equity of organizations. Even as global demand is added to this, this means that they are often tempted from abroad with dollar wages to telework, “adds Terlizzi.

So, according to the results of our 24th edition of the May 2020 Compensation, Benefits and Trends Study, in which 127 companies participated, Today these professionals receive:

• Director of IT, Systems or Informatics: $ 644,800

• IT, Systems or Computing Manager: $ 370,300

• Head of IT, Systems or Informatics: $ 183,100

• Head of Administration of Computer Security: $ 217,000

• Head of Infrastructure: $ 194,200

• Senior Computer Security Analyst: $ 150,900

• Junior Computer Security Analyst: $ 77,800

• IT, Systems or Senior Computer Analyst: $ 130,300

• IT, Systems or Informatics Junior Analyst: $ 70,000

• Senior Database Analyst: $ 137,200

• Junior Database Analyst: $ 64,300

• UI / UX Developer – Senior: $ 122,500

• Senior Network Administrator: $ 118,500

“The gap between the means of ITEM than needs to he market and that can be covered It is still very large, that is why companies are obliged to sharpen their ingenuity and creativity to attract and capture this scarce talent, in a competition that is further exacerbated by being global, “observes Alejandro Servide, director of Professionals & RPO from Randstad Argentina.

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