What does the length of your fingers say about your personality?

How we use our hands can be a great indicator of our personality. The way of grasping, squeezing or hitting can say a lot

There is more and more personality tests. Some analyze gestures, others the body, others how to express themselves or move. There are many aspects of personality that can be determined through external elements of the person.

The hands are, according to one of these tests, one of those elements that could help know more about the personality of a certain individual.

How you use your hands can be a great indicator the kind of personality someone has. The way of grasping, squeezing or hitting can say a lot about a person, especially for those who understand about body language. However, the fingers they also have hidden details about the character.

Some specialists from the Howard Hughes Medical Center, USA, delved into what is known as “ring finger theory”. The latter is based on what your length can tell of the way of being of each person. The basis of this theory is based on whether it is shorter or longer than the index.

The hands have unique traits for each individual. What peculiarities do they reveal?

What do your fingers say about you and your way of being

The shape of the fingers, then, could say a lot about the type of personality of human beings.

Ring finger shorter than the index: This person knows what he wants and Determination defines it. They are usually quite prolific and expert in their field of activities, always ready to help their friends. In addition, they are noted for their role as protector, which is why they are highly associated with mother role.

Ring finger longer than the index: The curiosity it is the trait that characterizes the person whose ring finger is longer than the index finger. Although they usually have intelligence and wisdom, sometimes the desire to to compete can be transformed into aggressiveness.

Ring finger and index finger of the same length: Those whose fingers have no difference in length usually dodge the conflict or put cold cloths on the matter. Organized and extremely calm, these individuals are also characterized by their fidelity and appreciation of affections, although they can also be very sensitive.

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