The advantages of feeding our pets naturally

Pets deserve the best. That implies both love and comfort as well as good nutrition.

In this sense specialists talk about prioritizing natural and organic food for their development and growth. This is precisely a trend that is being imposed and that allows strengthening the health of animals.

Cristian Conejeros, an expert in veterinary medicine and homeopath consulted by Bio guide, notes that Dogs and cats have their own body structure to take advantage of a diet made up of meats, fruits and vegetables. The portions will be determined according to the size of each pet.

Due to the high water content and the fresh flavor, organic food seduces animals. Being very nutritious, it has a satiating effect that keeps you calmer, less anxious and more balanced.

On the other hand, there are precise signs that indicate that the animal may not be well fed.

Bad body odor, bad breath, dental diseases, depression, lack of desire to carry out physical activity, dull coat, dehydration or increased water consumption, overweight or increased defecation They show that something is wrong with their nutrition.

  There are signs that alert us that our animal is malnourished (Photo: Ray Stone / Unsplash)
There are signs that alert us that our animal is malnourished (Photo: Ray Stone / Unsplash)

For all this, Conejeros and others specialists who agree with this trend, highlight the importance of guaranteeing a balanced diet with the presence of foods of natural origin to avoid chronic diseases. This must contain protein, omega 3, energy and minerals. They recommend serving them meat, vegetables and fruits,

Whichever path is taken, it is always recommended to consult the vet to find out the indicated diet that will give pets full health.