Shoppings suffer millionaire loss and ask to operate as galleries

Capital Federal shopping centers add months of income equal to 0 in concepts such as rental of premises. Vacancy intensifies

The situation of the shopping centers in the Federal Capital and the Buenos Aires suburbs changed dramatically to terminal. This is how the popes of the activity define it, who observe with anguish and discomfort how the bulk of economic activities work again. while the total closure continues on the shopping malls.

With no immediate prospect of reopening, the players in the segment are negotiating with the City the possibility of at least raising the blinds to operate as commercial galleries. They point out that there is a danger of a historic vacancy if there is no green light to operate before September.

From entities such as the Argentine Chamber of Shopping Centers (CASC) informed iProfessional that only in the first 4 months of a pandemic the segment lost just over 550 million pesos for uncollected expenses.

In July the number did not improve: red was located above 100 million in the same currency.

Only 20 percent of the tenants maintained the payments for this concept, always according to the CASC, but in the entity they take it for granted that by the time the shopping malls reopen, the item will have lost about 25 percent of its commercial tenants. This is, about 2,500 that will be empty.

In the first 4 months of the pandemic alone, shopping malls lost more than 550 million pesos due to unpaid expenses.

“During the first part of the quarantine, each month, the losses were above 137 million pesos. To speak of a dramatic situation, at this point, is to fall short. If we do not open in the course of August we will have a historical collapse. It is no longer useful for us to enable options such as ´take away´. We need the immediate reopening and that they help the sector in tax matters such as the payment of fees, “he told iProfessional Mario Nirenberg, general manager of CASC.

“The companies that own the shopping malls they basically live on rent collection and that concept does not exist today. They are not being paid. And we have a growing delinquency. The shopping malls are built, planned to operate for 30 to 40 years, so they will continue to stand beyond the context. What is clear is that at this rate, if we do not have a fast lap, by the time they grant the authorization we will be with a record vacancy, “he anticipated.

Reopen as shopping arcades

Nirenberg commented that the entity and the businessmen of the branch intensified the negotiations to reopen in Capital Federal under the modality of a commercial gallery, just as the Los Gallegos shopping center in Mar del Plata has just completed.

“We see how all the sectors open, but the shopping malls continue to be postponed in Buenos Aires and the suburbs. We ask, again, that we be allowed to operate almost as local businesses. For the neighbors, without the possibility of people arriving using public transport, for example. It is not a whimsical request: We are trying to guarantee the continuity of at least 6,000 jobs“emphasized the manager.

Businessmen in the field aim to guarantee the continuity of 6,000 jobs in the AMBA.

Businessmen in the field aim to guarantee the continuity of 6,000 jobs in the AMBA.

From this perspective, the general manager of CASC explained that the alternative proposed to the authorities contemplates the operation of the premises installed and continues to keep food courtyards, entertainment areas and cinema complexes inactive.

“It would always operate with social distancing, positions with alcohol gel, temperature measurement of those who enter. Under the format of a commercial gallery, it would be guaranteed that people only go to the shopping malls to buy and not as a walk alternative“Nirenberg commented.

“Today we have several of the main companies with commercial presence in shopping malls that are returning stores. We need to stop this fall. That 25 percent of tenants who won’t reopen will expand if we don’t have positive responses shortly. We do not know who will continue to maintain their premises in a month, “he concluded.

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