I-Teams 2020 already has its five innovative projects


The National University of Córdoba, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Province, Global Shapers and Conicet carried out the second edition of I-Teams. It is a methodology in which multidisciplinary teams work with scientists and researchers for 10 weeks looking for potential commercial applications in the industry.

This edition was characterized by being carried out entirely in a virtual way by the preventive isolation derived from the Covid-19 pandemic. On Thursday 30, it ended with the presentation of the five projects before a jury of experts.


To promote the transfer of knowledge from the academy to the socio-productive sector, the methodology proposes a series of themes and axes which are shared with the groups by the hand of referents. The axes were validation, business model, commercialization and agile methodologies, among others.

Pablo De Chiara, Minister of Science and Technology, expressed: “For the Ministry, this type of program that focuses on technology transfer and the creation of scientific-technological companies is very important, a need that the pandemic left as evidence . We hope that this process is not finished and that they continue on the path of linking to become leading startups in the knowledge economy. ”


392 people applied for the summons, of which 35 undergraduate and postgraduate professionals were selected, who formed five multidisciplinary teams together with the project management researchers.

The five selected projects are:

Face masks (Peel Off type): film of flexible polymeric material impregnated with compounds of plant origin with insecticidal, repellent, antimicrobial and / or antioxidant activity. It constitutes an additional barrier for the preservation of food products (alternative to additives). Project director: Miriam Strumia (Conicet-UNC).

Biomass gasifier with industrial waste: design and manufacture of a prototype ventilator ventilator for intensive care of low cost and rapid manufacture, to be used in intensive therapy processes in medical care units. Project director: Jorge Esteban Vera (Conicet-UNC).

Ink for 3D implant printing: development of composite materials, formed by the dispersion of HA particles in a continuous phase of PCL or PLA, in order to obtain bioactive implants by 3D printing for the repair and regeneration of bone tissue. Project director: Ricardo Rojas Delgado (Conicet-UNC).

Gelling agent for alcogel: linear, crosslinked or grafted polymers for the production of sanitizing alcohols. Talks were started with the company YPF to advance in the Oil Extraction. Project director: Juan Milanesio Conicet-UNC).

Machine learning: development of an environment to obtain datasets to train machine learning systems. Project director: Laura Alonso Alemany (Famaf-UNC).


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